A: The anibiothic might do that just by itself.

Unlikely because of a drug interaction.

You can check on possible drug interactions at:

Q: Has anyone taken the prescription Vesicare and what were the results and side effects?

A: I have prescribed this drug to a number of people with not much problems. dry mouth, dizziness are 2 of the expected and possible side effects. try to look for more details on this drug on,, look for details on incontinence on or, good luck

Q: Does anyone know if I can get Vesicare in Mexico City or what is the name there?

A: You can get almost every American drug in Mexico, either the brand name drug or a generic (solifenacin is the generic Vesicare)

Q: Is there a herbal equililant to Vesicare?
Vesicare contains 5mg of solifenacin succinate, if no herbal equilivant is there a non-perscription alternative available

A: discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist.

Q: Vesicare help with medicine?
My doctor prescribed Vesicare 10 mg for my urine leakage but it doesn't help i still leak all it does is make it where I don't feel like going pee as often but I still leak :( what else should he prescribe?

A: Vesicare helps with the kind of bladder problems that cause you to feel like you need to pee all the time (urgency). It sounds like that part is getting better for you, but there could be other issues that cause leakage. Do you notice the leakage more when you sneeze, cough, or laugh? That's called stress incontinence. Have you tried doing daily Kegels (flexing your pelvic muscles, like you are trying to stop the flow of urine)? These help a lot with leakage. There are other medications that treat stress incontinence specifically, like Cymbalta (an antidepressant, but it works very well for this). Talk to your doc about this, and see if maybe he thinks you have stress incontinence as well.

Q: I was suggested Vesicare for overactive bladder...?
Does it help? Is is addictive? Any experienced users out there? Thank you all

A: Vesicare is one of the newest overactive bladder medication. I've heard great responses from patient who have tried them. I have had patients stop taking it because of the cost. It tends to be high even with health insurance.

When you talked with your doctor, did you talk about what you expect from Vesicare? Vesicare works by controlling the bladder muscle. It helps reduce bladder urges and leakage but of course it doesn't completely eliminate them. Whether it helps you or not is really based on what you expect from the medication? Do you expect never to have bad urges or leakage? Or do you wish to minimize your leakage? Most of the time, patient's expectations from taking the medication is higher than what the medication actually performs. Everyone wishes there is something out there that will completely eliminate overactive bladder problems but so far all the medication that is out only helps reduce the problem not eliminate them

It is not a addictive medicine. It is a regular class 6 medication. Medications in classes 2 to 5 are the ones that people can get addicted to

Q: How long does it take for an inflammation of the bladder to go away?
My doctor told me that I have an inflammation of my bladder. It started after I got a UTI. The UTI is now gone, but i do have an inflammation. The doctor put me on Elmiron and Vesicare and told me to take it for a year and then I should be fine. I've been taking it for 4 months now, I do feel better but the symptoms come and go. I was wondering when it will completely go away?

A: Why not ask your doctor?

Q: I seem to be having bladder control issues I have tried Detrol, Oxytrol and now Vesicare. ?
The Vesicare seemed to work the best but is has now been a little over a month since I started using it and it has now stopped working. I am 40 years old and wearing adult diapers. I have noticed that the severity of my loss of control seems to be a big issue when it gets close to what would be my time of the month. Even thou I no longer have a period due to surgery. My Doctor says it is not the result of child bearing my children were both c-sections. Does anybody know of any other options I can try.
I have also tried drinking cranberry juice in the past and am doing so now but doesn't seem to be working.

A: You implied that you've talked to your doctor about this. Have you seen a specialist? (a urologist or, better yet, a urogynecologist)? It's probably time that you got a referral to one of these.

First of all, incontinence is very common among young women. The good news is that it is curable in most cases. There are several treatments available, and they vary depending on the specific type of incontinence you're having. The drugs you mentioned are good for urge incontinence, (aka overactive bladder), characterized by sudden, strong urges to urinate that you sometimes can't control. If you're having stress incontinence (leakage of smaller amounts of urine when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or exercise), the medications are not as effective. However, exercises/physical therapy/biofeedback, and occasionally surgery are effective. It is common to have this problem even if you haven't been pregnant or if you've given birth by caesarian, so I wouldn't rule this out just because of that.

So I'd definitely talk to the doctor again and ask for a referral. In the meantime, there are better products than "adult diapers". Have you tried anything else?

I hope you feel better soon. Please feel free to contact me. I can relate!

Q: Will these two prescriptions interfere with each other?
Vesicare (for Overactive Bladder) and Yaz (birth control).

I was put on Yaz for acne control a few months after i was put on Vesicare. I didn't think to ask the Dermatologist if they would interfere with each other.
I just don't want to keep taking the Yaz for acne if the Vesicare will counteract it or anything.

A: No. The online drug interaction checker only found one interaction between Yaz and grapefruit juice. No interactions for Yaz and Vesicare.

Q: What is Vesicare useed for?

A: Here is the website for Vesicare with alot of useful information, also ask ypu doctor about any questions you may have/

Q: Does anyone know the name of the song from the vesicare (pipe people) commercial?

A: I don't, but here's the contact link to the company that made the commercial:

Q: Are you on Vesicare?
Kegel exercises can help with that.

A: I've never taken Vesicare but I have heard some good things about it (and not just because of what is said in the commercials on tv). As for kegel exercises yes it can help with some forms of urinary incontinence.

Q: Can some meds cause my period to be late?
I just started a new Rx med called Vesicare...its for overactive bladder. Do some meds cause periods to get delayed? Mine is about a week overdue. I am sure I am not pregnant. I have also changed my diet. Thanks!

A: Yes, along with stress as well, so a variety of factors may be delaying you

Q: The commercial says "Talk to your doctor about...", but my question is: How many prescriptions will i get?
let's see, we've got Levitra, Viagra, Cialis, Ambien, Nasonex, Celabrex, Nexium, Zocor, Wellbutrin, Humira, Avodart, Vesicare, Lunesta, Rozerem, Vytorin, Crestor, Plavix, Zyrtec, Crestor, Avandia, Fosamax, Lamisil and Singulair...

and these are the ones i can remember off hand...

A: None from me!

I also think consumer advertising is just plain wrong. When we see an ad that says "Talk to your doctor about...", I look at my family members and say, " Nope. Not gonna talk about it!"

If they put their advertising budget into actually HELPING people, what a great thing that would be.

Q: I would llike to know what to do about frequent urination at night.?
I get up at least 8 times a night to urinate. I was taking Detrol which brought it down to about 6 times. I am trying Vesicare and am getting up to urinate 10 or more times. I guess I should go back to Detrol. As anyone had any experience with these drugs for frequent urination especially at night.

A: i don't know where you got those 'detrol' but the best way is to see your doctor, they are professional hence should be able to help you.

anyway before going to bed, try not to consume any drinks may be 2 or 3 hours earlier n empty your bladder as much as you can. Drink only during day times as you are active then, n taken extra fluid to compensate for the night.

if your room was air-conditioned then try changing to fan only.

Get well soon !