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Buy Vitamin B12

and do I need a prescription?

A: How old? Male or female? What are you hoping to get as a result?
In any case,skip the spray. It’s almost useless. Also, avoid the commonly advertised sublingual B-12 tablets and etc. Mostly useless. Stomach acid destroys all but a tiny fraction of the vitamin once you swallow it.
Go to a health food store, instead, and look for dibencoside or methylcobalamin. Either of these is a B-12 precursor that isn’t going to be affected by stomach acid. You’ll actually get an energy boost from taking one of these.Maybe the equivalent of getting a sub-q B-12 shot.
BUT – like all things, it will lose its effectiveness if you take it more than a couple of days in a row, or if you don’t “need” it (clinically B-12 deficient).
So – try taking one of these every two days for about six weeks, and see if you feel better? Don’t forget daily folic acid (400 mcg) while you’re at it. Yes, you’ll feel more pooped the days that you don’t take it, until your system figures it all out.
Skip trying to super-dose. You’ll just end up making expensive urine, with no greater energy boost. Won’t harm you, but might be temporary hell on your digestion.
If you’ve been “low”, methylcobalamin or dibencoside will pick you up a little bit. If you’re a strict vegetarian, you might actually need it.
You might be better off with good eating habits, a lot of sleep, and proper self-management!

Q: Where can I buy a vegan vitamin b12 supplement with about 5mcg?
I want a daily supplement, not one with 1000+ mcg of b12. Can anyone give me a link to a site where I can buy a vegan b12 supplement with about 5mcg?
I’ve heard that yeast and sea vegetables are not reliable sources of b12. I do drink soy milk, but not enough of it to get all my b12. And most fortified cereals have vitamin d3 (not vegan).

A: I do not think there is such a thing. Why not just eat vegan food with B12 in it already? Such as fortified cereals, fortified plant milks, fortified brewer’s & nutritional yeast, sea vegetables like seaweed, algae, dried nori, & spirulina, fermented products like tempeh, msio, beer & sauerkraut, marmite, & So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt.

Q: where can i buy or order vitamin b12 and b6?
i need information on where and how to order the right dosage of vitamin b12 and b6 for weight lose. i did the dr benstien diet, but it is too expensive and want to be able to buy and inject by myself with out spending so much money.

A: Hi Davidand…!
You can buy Sublingual Vitamin B12 (1000 mcg), B6 (5mg),
Folic Acid(400 mcg) & Biotin (25mcg) – 250 Sublingual
Tablets – Formulated with methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12 here

Q: Were can i buy the vitamin b12?
Were can i buy the vitamin b12? I will be taking it to help my hair. And how much does it usually cost? Thanks in advance!! :p

A: I’m not sure how much it cost. I do know that you can buy it at pretty much any drug store.

Q: can you buy vitamin b12 in pill form ?
Alot of people get the shot of it, can’t I just take it in a pill? I was looking on and didn’t find it.

A: Yes you can get it in pill form. You can probably find it in the vitamin section at Walmart. However, the vitamins that only have one vitamin in a pill contain a very high % DV of the vitamin. Multiple times more than your body needs in a day.

Anything over 100% DV is bad for your body. It acts like a poison. I think you would be better just taking a multi-vitamin that contains B12.

I learned this in my Nutrition class. There was a guy that was a health finatic and he never drank or did anything that would be toxic to his body. EXCEPT he took tons of vitamins everyday. He ended up dying of liver failure. His liver had to detoxify all the excess vitamins from his body everyday.

The only exception are water soluable vitamins. B12 happens to be a water soluable vitamin. This mean when you take to much of it, you will just pee it out. However, it is still unnecessary to take a large dose becuase your body doesn’t need it anyway.

Q: where can i buy b12 injectable vials?
high i would like to buy some vitamin b12 vials over the internet ,does anybody know a good website.

DR frank b12 defiency effects lots iof people not just vegans people of certain cultures may be more likely to get it i am from one of those cultures

A: I found this one but don’t know if you are in UK?;jsessionid=3C4A4AE30BAA34FE956B4081FA9378C6?redir=1&CLT=XPO1&BSC=1

Try searching “UK supplier of injectable cyanocobalamin”

DR Frank
See here for causes of B12 deficiency other than vegans
Especially Drug-Vitamin interaction
Metformin may cause diminished oral absorption of vitamin B12. Reduced serum levels of vitamin B12 occur in a significant percentage of patients taking metformin chronically.
Absorption of vitamin B12 from the GI tract may be decreased by aminoglycoside antibiotics, such as gentamicin, tobramycin, and amikacin.

Q: 33 weeks and 3 days pregnant.. Iron and Vitamin B12..?
Hi ladies.. so I’m 33 weeks and 3 days pregnant and my midwife rang me today informing me I have a deficiency in Iron and vitamin B12 also my haemoglobin blood count was low.. so not borderline low.. but really low, and I have been taking the Iron tablets for almost 3 days and I yet still have to buy the vitamin B12 tablets tomorrow, I was wondering does this deficiency have an affect on my unborn baby and what are some good food that I can eat that are really rich in these minerals. I have my next appt. on the 27th which is almost 3 or so weeks away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you all
Also I’m not a red meat fan, I cannot eat it, it makes me feel sick so I cant have that.

A: have spinach …apple /apple juices….milk , less coffee /,tea…….white meat ..ok as u dont like red one …but you can take red one with different style s ….like cutlets/with corrigandom /veggi….seek advice of dr also …….. you will improve ho,ogloben count …it should be above 7 minimum

Q: Anyone ever taken those vitamin B12 under the tongue tablets?
I bought a bottle of the 2500 mcg. vitamin B12 tablets that you place under your tongue as seen in the magazines. They’re suppose to give a person a burst of energy. Do they really work? Are they safe to take? Any info on these would be appreciated.

A: I take B12, and ever since I feel a lot better. I take 1000 mcg because 2500 was too much for me. They are safe to take, but I think that your should start off with a lower mcg, but your better off asking the pharmacist.

Q: I bought a B12 vitamin liquid?
but after I used B12 vitamin liquid to easy swallow, it still taste a little nasty ..can i quicky drink orange or water? which one or milk? Will it affect to make vitamin not working? Because I thought it may not give vitamin plenty time to go into my nerves or digest , if I drink -it will wash out vitamin.

A: Depends on the brand. Go to their website and see their faq’s. some are meant to mix…we do that at work during demo’s…and it is meant to mix….according to the vendors.

some are not….check.

B vitamins are water soluble…they will be ok. You want to be careful of vitamin D and others that are NOT! Meaning if they are soluble..your body only absorbs what it needs and the rest is out. others are stored in your body and can build up. Make sure you know what is what…but B vitamins are ok…..and so are C’s.

Q: Vegan vitamin supplements, B12?
How are vitamin supplements made? For instance, vitamin B12 only occurs in animal products and by products such as meat and dairy.
Yet if I buy a B12 supplement; it’s suitable for Vegans. How do they do this?! It makes my brain hurt.

A: Be careful about making assumptions based on what you may have seen about B12 coming only from animals. That’s a different statement than there’s no reliable source from plants. Vitamin B12 does not come from the animals themselves. Not from animals or plants. It’s the only known vitamin in nature to be produced exclusively by microorganisms, and nowhere else–bacteria. It ends up in animals and animal products because they digest it. In fact, the diets of cows are supplemented with cobalt to help the bacteria in their guts make vitamin B12 so they don’t become deficient. Most B12 supplements are vegan, unless you read the label and they have ingredients like gelatin, or dried liver. Vitamin B12 stores up mostly in the liver, and so if it’s sourced from animals, you see it on the label. I have only seen this once in a Sam’s Club brand.

Animals are not the only place you find vitamin B12 in nature. If we lived out in nature, without the benefit of modern agriculture, hygiene and water treatment, we would pick up the small amount of B12 we need– just a few micrograms. As we age, our bodies go through changes that can make it more difficult to digest the vitamin B12 out of food anyway. So doctors often tell older people to supplement. You can also look for fortified food, and use that if you’re eating it every day. I prefer a cheap supplement, and I cut them up to make one small bottle last over a year. That’s all it takes. I’ve been vegetarian or vegan for decades without a single health problem.

Q: has anyone drank vitamin water and found their acne got alot better?
well yesterday I went to canadas wonderland and bought vitamin water. my friend said it was really good so I bought it. the one i bought has vitamin b6, vitamin b12, vitamin c, zinc, and some other stuff. there were other drinks which has like vitamin a in it too. but after drinking that when i came home i noticed my acne was looking better.
where can i buy this stuff! and has anyone else ever noticed that too?

A: No, I haven’t. The only plausible thing might be the vitamin A, if you want that you can buy it very cheaply online or even at some stores when it’s on sale.

Q: Is it bad to overdose on Vitamin B12?
I was looking at getting this Mana Energy Drink from thinkgeek ( ), but I looked at the nutrition facts and noticed that one serving of it has 6667% of my daily value of Vitamin B12. Would this be a horribly bad thing? I’d really like to know before I go out and buy them.

A: No.

Vitamin B is water soluble, so any thing extra that your body does not need will be expelled in your urine. This includes any B vitamin, including B12.

You only need to be careful with vitamins A,D,E, and K as they are the only fat soluble vitamins and you can overdose on them

Q: What do you know about vitamin B-100?
I went into the CVS store and asked at the pharmacy about taking vitamins because I havent had a lot of energy. I went into the store actually planning on buying vitamin B12. The man at the pharmacy told me about vitamin B-100. I have done research on the net, but would also like to hear back from people who have taken in.

A: you could also search through the yahoo answers as well.

Q: why do vegans need vitamin B12?
everything i read says i need to take a vitamin B12 supplement
so my mum went and bought me some, but the bottle says its for stress relief and mood swings? what the hell?
ok but why does the bottle say “relief of nervous tension” etc
why doesnt it say ” for vegans” or something

A: It is propaganda. You do not need to, but some do to be on the safe side, although most B12 deficiencies are linked to animal eaters, not vegans. B12 helps the nervous system and helps with your mental state as well, although some have been known to cause deppression. You should get a test to see your B12 level. B12 can be stored in our bodies for about 5 years and we do not need much daily (about .70- 2.4 mcg). And we can get them from plant sources such as fortified cereals, fortified soy/rice milks, meat substitutes/soy analogs, some brands of fortified brewer’s & nutritional yeast (such as Red Star & Twinlab). Sea vegetables like seaweed, dried nori, & spirulina, may contain vitamin B12, but their content varies and may be unreliable, lactic acid fermented products such as like tempeh, msio, beer & sauerkraut, but their content as well varies and may be unreliable. Marmite, & So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt also contains B12 (Cyanocobalamin). ( .70- 2.4 mcg) Fortified cereals, fortified soy/rice milks, meat substitutes/soy analogs, some brands of fortified brewer’s & nutritional yeast (such as Red Star & Twinlab). Sea vegetables like seaweed, dried nori, & spirulina, may contain vitamin B12, but their content varies and may be unreliable, lactic acid fermented products such as like tempeh, msio, beer & sauerkraut, but their content as well varies and may be unreliable. Marmite, & So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt also contains B12 (Cyanocobalamin).

If you want to take it from a vitamin I suggest Deva or a patch.

Here is a great alrticle on vegan b12 with links:

Q: How much is too much Vitamin B12 in a supplement?
I bought a B-12 supplement and was surprised to see the % of Daily Value listed as 8,333% (500 mcg). Is that normal? Is that even safe? Would someone just urinate out the excess or is this actually harmful in any way? Thank you.

A: B-12 is water soluble so it’s very unlikely that you would reach the toxicity level. You are correct, it is excreted in your urine.

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