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A: supposedly….buts its illegal…you must have a prescription from doc in order for it not to be illegal….but on the other hand just to throw it out there. im on lexapro and it helped me out a lot….so if you have depression or anxiety disorder, i would def recommend lexapro
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A: I have been taking lexapro for three weeks now. I have not felt sick I don’t think that after only three nights you need to worry about weaning yourself off of it. Tell your Dr. about these side effects.
Q: Lexapro? ?Can I take immodium while on lexapro?
Also, is alcohol ok to have with it?
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A: Yes, Celexa. Celexa’s molecular structure is one molecule different than Lexapro, so it effects you almost identically. Celexa is quite a bit less expensive than Lexapro.
Good luck finding a medication that fits your needs and your budget!!!! Not always an easy task, but well worth the effort!
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A: celexa is just like lexapro and at walmarts it is 4.00 for 30 and 10.00 for 90
Q: whats the best online pharmacy in canada? Lexapro cost me $ 118 for 30 pills. Im looking for canada for help?
A: take a look at the generic at a much better price at which is the [...]

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A: I’ve been taking Lexapro for over a year and a half, and it’s done good things for me.
I haven’t really noticed any bad side effects, but when I first started taking it, the doctor had me take it in the morning – and it made me very drowsy. They had me switch it [...]