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Buy Lexapro

A: supposedly….buts its illegal…you must have a prescription from doc in order for it not to be illegal….but on the other hand just to throw it out there. im on lexapro and it helped me out a lot….so if you have depression or anxiety disorder, i would def recommend lexapro

Q: Where to buy Lexapro online?
I’m 17 so I can’t get a credit card and I don’t want to go to my parents. I’ve read up on this and I feel it would make a DRASTIC change in my life. And I don’t want to go to a doctor. Where’s the best place to buy this medicine online? A place where I won’t order Lexapro, and you know, end up with rat poison or something…

Also, has anyone here taken it before or known someone who has? What were the effects….

A: I know it sounds wonderful what these medications can do, but you need to be very carful as they are powerful meds. You really need medical supervision while starting this med or it may not even be right for you. There are so many types of meds out there. Just be carful

Q: where to buy Lexapro cheaper..I can not afford $112 for 30 pills right now..?
I am to take Lexapro 20 mg a day… most Drs have no samples of such drugs..and I have had to go to Citolopram lately

A: You didn’t say what dose you’re on, if you’re taking 10 mg pills, you can get a prescription for 20 mg pills and split them in half. That almost cuts the cost in half.

Best of luck to you :-)

Q: Can you buy generic lexapro in the US?

A: There is no generic Lexapro. Believe me, I would have it if there was.

Q: I just bought lexapro 5mg off the internet?
I have a prescription for lexapro 10mg and i can’t get one out here where i am. the person who refills my prescription is my aunt and she’s not a doctor so she can’t change the dose that i am served.

and i’ve been getting really annoyed cutting the pill in half. it’s more expensive in US and i saved $$ 15% by ordering through canada.

A: I’m confused. Exactly what is the question here? If you have a valid prescription for lexapro, why can’t you get it? It’s a commonly stocked drug in virtually every pharmacy. Are you only taking 5mg instead of the prescribed 10mg? If so, you really should get your dr’s approval before doing that. You need to take the prescribed dose; it was prescribed for a reason. Yes, lexapro is an expensive drug, because there is no generic available yet. There is a very similar drug called Celexa(citalopram) which has a generic. It’s quite cheap, even in the US…about $10 for a 3-month supply if you go to a pharmacy that has one of those special deals. Talk to your dr about switching your medication to celexa. If you really only need the 5mg and don’t want to cut the tablet in half, just ask the pharmacy to fill your prescription with 5mg tablets instead of 10mg. I don’t know of any pharmacy that won’t do that. It will be more expensive though, since prices are determined by the number of tablets and you’ll have to get twice as many 5mg tablets than 10mg ones.

Q: i just bought lexapro 5mg off the internet?
I have a prescription for lexapro 10mg and i can’t get one out here where i am. the person who refills my prescription is my aunt and she’s not a doctor so she can’t change the dose that i am served.

and i’ve been getting really annoyed cutting the pill in half. it’s more expensive in US and i saved $$ 15% by ordering through canada.
Is it illegal for me to buy


when my prescription is for 10mg?

A: you shouldnt buy prescription drugs online they could be fake… and harmfull

i saw something on the TV a while ago showing how some prescription drugs bought online turned out to have things like rat poison in

Q: Celexa… Where Can you buy Celexa online? Buy Celexa on line without a prescription? Celexa drug?
I heard you can Buy Celexa and all of the other Prescription Drugs like Viagra and Pain Medication Soma, Tramadol at online pharmacies even without a prior prescription. Can this be? Has anyone bought any drugs from any of these buy on line pharmacy and which one works best? What would you buy Lexapro vs Celexa?


I get my prescriptions from here. A drug store online, 24×7. No Waiting for Doctors, you will enjoy Complete privacy, and you can order anytime, in your Own time, with No prior prescription needed! Order Safely and Securely through a secure drug store transaction server, and pay using a wide range of credit cards.

The order process could not be any simpler, just select the medicines you need, fill in the medical questionnaire, and submit your order. U.S Licensed Physicians will review your order and issue your prescription. Next, a U.S. Licensed pharmacy will dispense, and FedEx your order discreetly using Next day delivery. i hope this amswers your question

Q: when is patent on Lexapro set to expire ?
when is patent on Lexapro set to expire so people can buy generic?

A: It looks to expire by 2009 but they do have a claim in courts right now to extend to 2012. I do not think it will go through and if and when it doesn’t a generic will be available almost immediately. Teva, is just waiting for the patent to expire, they are ready to release their generic asap.

Q: How much is import tax for online medication from Canada?
I live in US and am thinking to buy Lexapro through online from Canada but I wonder if it’s applied import tax and if so, how much it’ll be.

A: Online drug purchases are illegal across international borders in the US. Your order could be confiscated by US Customs when it arrives.

A gray area is when you hand carry a US prescription to a pharmacy in Canada. While technically illegal, US Customs has no power to stop you as long as the quantities are reasonable, i.e. 90 day supply or less.

BTW, many online “pharmacies” that claim to be Canadian are total frauds. Most if not all of the goods they sell are counterfeit, often nothing more than sugar pills struck to look like the real thing.

Q: Can you sell lexapro on the street?
I used to take lexapro for depression, but recently stopped & I still have a ton left, so I was wondering if people actually buy it as a recreational drug or if you can mix it with other drugs to get high.

A: If you were to find someone who was on it and didn’t have insurance and you offered to sell it to them cheaper than the pharmacy then maybe, but the drug has no recreational value and taking it without knowledge of the drug is dangerous because if you take a dose to high without starting slow and tapering up or if you are on it and you take an overdose you are going to be so sick that you will wish you were dead-convulsions, uncontrollable sweating, vertigo, dizziness, vomiting, etc.–and it will last for a good 12 hours or more and you probably won’t fully recover till you sleep it off over night. If you get a dose that is high enough it is possible that you could get something called serotonin syndrome where your body goes into shock and loses its ability to regulate its temperature, creating a ridiculous fever high enough to kill you. Plenty of people die from this all the time from many different drugs that cause it. People have already tried all you can do with all these drugs to find a way to get high and if it were possible we would know about it and doctors would keep the drug under lock and key. I read a report of two dummies who for some reason smoked some prozac, which is very similar to lexapro, and they smoked it, which a few minutes later killed the both of them.

Q: Is lexapro a prescription drug?
and what are the side effects? is it safe? how old do you have to be to buy it? because i’m 17. can anyone give me as much info on lexapro as possible?

A: It is a prescription and to find out side effects you may want to speak to your doctor, for a full list and to make sure it doesn’t interact with any other medications you may be on. For me, I experienced some weight gain. And you can’t just buy it, you need to be written a prescription for it, and I believe the person who picks it up and signs for it needs to be over 18 but I could be dead wrong. In my opinion the drug is safe, but then again it works differently for everyone and everyone experiences different side effects than the next person so I personally love it, but you may hate it so….who knows? But I would definitely reccommend it….if you NEED it.

Q: Can i buy these over the counter without them asking questions ?
i hav depression , and cut myself sometimes. ive told a few close friends, but not very much of it. they dont know i cut myself, and think about dying nearly the whole day .
i have some questions.
-Prozac (fluoxetine)
if i buy these over a counter will they ask me what its for ? i want to use them for anti depressants, seeing as i am underage and i cant/wont get my parents to buy them . so ,where can i buy them from and around how much ? in australian dollars.

thanks, please help . kinda need it

A: The best bet is seeing a psychiatrist for a proper diagnostic and treatment. If for some reason that’s not an option or if you cannot afford therapy, read
In many cases depression will respond quickly to the use of this treatments (within a few weeks), but if this still doesn’t work, see a psychiatrist; psychiatric treatment for depression involves antidepressants and usually but not always, therapy.
Avoid self-medication.

Hope this helps.

Q: Express Script that you buy your prescription for half prize?
Anybody have Express script from your insurance and i do have united health care ,they will not pay the lexapro , I dont know why …it dose ask me to try other kinds of medicine that will pay half of it . they send me paper in the mail to give it to my doctor but the lexapro help me alots and i dont know if other Anti depresstion will help me some i sure dont want to pay too much for it but i don’t trust use online medicine to pay less/// i heard some of you take lexapro for 4 dollars list at wal mart and how do you do it? Thank you for answer my Question
you willy had help me alots on here…
I live in texas.. Thank you oceanlady. :)

A: first off walmart charges $4.00 for generic so if your dr. wrote you a rx for lexapro it has to have permission to subituite generic for the $4.00. also if your current prescription plan does not cover a certain med then you have 2 options……1. you can ask the dr. to give you samples until you know more about your coverage……..2. the dr. can call the insurance carrier and request a pre-authoration to cover the lexapro and give the reason why your dr. wants you on lexapro vs. something diefferent. i dont know what state your in, and every state is different on insurance, sorry i could not be more help good luck

Q: Is dexanil safe? Anyone currently taking it? It is a generic of lexapro.?
I went on to the walmart online pharmacy site, and thought I was buying a generic lexapro prescription that would be marketed in the U.S., but when I received the medication, I found that it was called dexanil, and is made by Consero which is an Indian drug company that I have never heard of before. Anyone currently using this product? All I could find about it was that it was not currently marketed in the U.S. (which might be due to U.S. patients on lexapro or might be something more serious like regulations). I know I can get an inexpensive generic of celexa, which would be nearly the same thing, but thought that if someone knew if the dexanil was closer in chemical make up to lexapro, and safe to take (which you think it would be since I ordered from the walmart site) then I would start taking them, if not I’ll just switch to the generic celexa. Thanks!

A: You should probably just ask your doctor, and if dexanil isn’t marketed in the US then I wouldn’t suggest taking it… celexa seems like a good alternative.

Q: Anyone here take Lexapro – quick question?
With my insurance, Lexapro costs $30. Doesn’t matter what dosage I buy. I was prescribed 20mg, but I have, for most of the time I’ve been on it, been taking 10mg. I’ve whittled it down to 5mg, but I still buy a 20mg bottle because I can get it for the same price as a 10mg bottle (saving money). I just cut the pills into 1/4’s. Though I don’t think I need Lexapro any more (I’m doing much better, and don’t like the idea of taking AD’s long-term), I plan to stay on 5mg for at least a couple months more. Though, I’m thinking of dropping my health insurance because it has just gotten too expensive. I know the regular price for Lexapro (10mg) is $65.00, but what about 20mg? Does it work the same as my insurance – no matter what pill size is, it’s all one price? Or are the 20mg bottles twice as much?

Also, I used to see commercials about a drug discount plan for people who make under a certain amount of $. It may be just in Ohio – I forget its name, and no longer see the ads. Anyone know?

A: In most Wal Marts and Target stores for people who do not have insurance you can get certain medications for a low cost of $4.00 but they need to be of certain brands you can contact those pharmacies and see if they will cover your medicine, also check with Walgreen’s they are now staring to do it for $3.99 as well!

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