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Cheap Lexapro

A: Yes, Celexa. Celexa’s molecular structure is one molecule different than Lexapro, so it effects you almost identically. Celexa is quite a bit less expensive than Lexapro.

Good luck finding a medication that fits your needs and your budget!!!! Not always an easy task, but well worth the effort!

PS. Celexa IS Citalopram. Just like Tylenol is a name brand form of acetaminophen!!!! Celexa is the name brand, Citalopram is the Generic!!!!

Q: Should I switch from lexapro to celexa?
I was given a 2 week supply from my doctor of lexapro. She said that this would just get it into my system and that since I do not have insurance, that after the 2 weeks to start celexa since it is cheap. I have been taking lexapro for a week now and really like how I am feeling. I am affraid to go to something else since this is working. I know they are very similar drugs. Any suggestions?

A: Call this toll free # 1 877 673 3688 This is a program called RX Savings Plus. You pay nothing and get about half off the price if you pay cash for your prescriptions.

Q: Cheaper alternative to Lexapro?
I have been on 40 mg’s of Lexapro (for anxiety) for a year, and I am so tired of paying $75 for it every month. I know that there is not a generic avaliable, but is there another drug (with a generic) similar that I can talk to my Dr about? I appreciate any help!

A: They’re right about Citalopram being what they call a racemate of lexapro and its isomer. Lexapro is merely tha half that works in citalopram. Unfortunately, 1 mg lexapro= 2mg citalopram so you’d need 80 mg of citalopram, which may be expensive. Also, over here in europe we never go beyond 60 mg of citalopram or 20 mg of lexapro so I think, to be safe, your Dr. should phone up the drug companies to see are there guidelines for changing a patient on high dose lexapro to citalopram…..I’m sure there are :)

Q: Has anyone taken celexa that may have used lexapro?
i was taking lexapro for a couple years but its really expensive so wanted to go to something cheap, the pharmacist recommended celexa he says its similar has anyone else taken celexa i don’t like taking meds but suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and depression…thanks

A: what about sertraline?

Q: How do Lexapro and Celexa compare?
Does anyone know the comparison between Lexapro and Celexa? I have heard they are quite similar. I am currently on the Lexapro, but it cost almost a hundred bucks a month. The Celexa is much cheaper. Does anyone know the comparison between the two?

I have been searching the net some, and can’t seem to find much info. So if anyone can give me a link to do comparisons or something, that would be great.

Thanks to all who answer.


A: Hi Tammy,
What a great question for me to answer. I started on Celexa in April ‘01 and was on it until Feb of this year when I started Lexapro. (mainly b/c my doc thought I had built up a tolerance to Celexa) I actually have had great experiences on both meds, very little side effects when starting and even switching from one to the other. (they are in the same family of drugs) The one difference I did notice was that the Celexa worked more for my depression and I was still experiencing quite a bit of anxiety. Now that I have switched to Lexapro, which is more for people with anxiety, it seems to have helped much more with the anxiety, as well as the depression. I guess you could say the Lexapro is a great “all around” drug when it comes to both. Other than that, I haven’t noticed any other differences and of course each person is different! Hope this helps and best of luck to you!

Q: How come I’ve never seen a commercial for Lexapro?
is this a cheap drug or something? i don’t think i will take it.

A: good question, ive never seen one either,but i do take it, its for depression and its not cheap by any means

Q: Is there a cheaper version of Lexapro?
So, I really should be asking my doctor about this, but drs are kind of hard to get a hold of.
I’m very confused. I’ve been on Lexapro for a while and whenever I run out I get awful headaches and feel like total shit until I get it again. However, I don’t have insurance anymore and it’s become way too expensive so my mom asked about a cheaper alternative and the dr changed my perscription. I recently called the pharmacy to see if they had my prescription (since my mom dealt with it, I wasn’t positive what pharmacy it went to) and while I was on the phone with the woman, I asked if I would be getting the horrible lexapro withdrawal. She said that I shouldn’t because this cheaper thing is essentially the same thing. However, when I look online, it says that there is no generic version of lexapro because of their tight patents or something like that. So how can it be that my cheaper prescription will be the same thing? It would help a lot of I knew what the knew one was… but any information, help, or reassurance would help a lot.

A: Lexapro is a brand only drug, and will be for another year or so. You can try its sister drug Celexa (citalopram), though. Citalopram is a mixture of two drugs: one inactive and one active. The active drug is actually lexapro. Citalopram is generic and is relatively inexpensive.

Q: What works better, 20 mg of Celexa or 10 mg of Lexapro?
I can’t afford to spend any more than $100 a month (I don’t have insurance) and I need the medication for anxiety. Celexa as a generic cheaper form, so 20mg would cost me $100, whereas 10 mg of lexapro would cost about $90. Which combination is most effective in anxiety reduction?

A: Talk with your doc about Prozac. It can also reduce your anxiety, and it’s only $8/month. They say that it can be “activating” but I didn’t have a problem with it and I took it for anxiety.

BTW, celexa is the same as lexapro, but Lexapro only contains the molecules that our body will use. Half of celexa is lex, so 20mg of celexa should be the same at 10mg of lexapro.

Also, celexa is now a generic, so you should be able to get it as such. It’s chemical name is citalopram.

Q: celexa and lexapro?
well i already asked a question tonight lol but found the drug i was looking for . well i was taking lexapro but it’s over the budget line for me right now i heard celexa works the same as lexapro and is cheaper cause it comes in the generic form. well i was wondering if anyones done the switch and did it work?
i was only taking lexapro for three months if that helps

A: I have never done the switch that way but it may throw you way off balance. I took Celexa and when Lexapro came out I started on it. It worked a lot better for me that Celexa. They are basically the same thing though. Good Luck

Q: What is the best Canadian online pharmacy to order the medication my insurance wont pay for?
My insurance wont pay for my Lexapro and its costing me a 130 bucks a month. Looking for a cheap and reliable online Canadian pharmacy- Thanks

A: You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here –

Q: Celexa vs. Lexapro?
Im currently on 10mg Lexapro for social anxiety. Is it true that Celexa is just as good as lexapro? Because I hear Celexa is available in cheaper generiic forms whereas lexapro, which is the exact same thing, is more expensive because its under patent.

A: both gave me high blood pressure and i’m young but otherwise the lexepro works faster than the celexa but in comparison there the same chemical basically. I think they both gave me the same results. Have you tried cymbalta it’s the newest anti-depressant out there and it works within a week and they claim no side effects my friend is taking it and he said it’s very smooth not speedy like some of them. yes it is generic and cheaper and if you switch you won’t have a waiting period because their so similiar.

Q: How Do People Eat Bitter Dark Chocolate?
I am having mild depression and i am taking Lexapro 20mg for two years plus and my family keep stressing me everyday and my condition can’t be cure – MF.

Over here every MF stressing me and no one is giving a damn about me. Then i think about it – the Dark Chocolate. Is it good to eat everyday 95% dark chocolate, for stress? What do you think – is it a good idea – tell me??? The Dark Chocolate is cheap over here.

A: I actually heard that having one or two [small] pieces of chocolate actually improves your mood. So yes, it should be fine to eat a bit of dark chocolate every day [just try to keep it to a minimum- eating too much of it will not be very beneficial].

Q: about lexapro???????????
my psychiatrist put me on lexapro, and i am going to start taking tonight…
im starting at 10 mg..and she said to take 5mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening for the 1st few days… do you think that’s better or its better to start at 10 mg directly? she gave me the choice…

and, how much does your lexapro cost? mine is $3 for 1 10 mg tablet… what are other effective but cheaper drugs? is there a generic for lexapro?

and are generic drugs as effective as branded ones? which would you choose? if they are the same, why are generics much cheaper?

where do i store my lexapro? because the temp. here is like 28 degrees Celsius or sometimes 30 and i think you’re suppose to store it at 20degrees Celsius?

A: Although Lexapro is in the SSRI family, its method of action is way different than the other SSRI’s, in fact, it’s active component IS Celexa. I am extremely intrigued at the amount of people (especially young people) who take antidepressants, and the doctors who prescribe them to the young people. (the docs do get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies if they meet certain quotas for prescribing them, you know. Although it is doubtful the docs take them). The 5 mg tabs will be more costly than the 10 mg. Tabs can be broken in half, and may be better for potential side effects to take it in divided dose.

Q: Can I get help paying for my prescription medication?
I’m on several medications but the two most expensive are Depakote and Lexapro. I don’t have insurance and I’ve called every pharmacy in my area and the cheapest I can get the Depakote for is $188 and that’s for the generic but my doctor wants me to take the name brand because it’s more therapeutic for my system. Are there any organizations or charities that can help me pay for these meds?

A: Look on and see if any of your prescriptions are part of the 4 dollar generic list they have. Many pharmacies like walmart, target, stop and shop, etc have cheaper generics.

Q: starting celexa..quitting lexapro..please help?
im switching from lexapro to citalopram. i have been told it is basically the same thing, just quite a bit cheaper. im wondering if i need to expect any strange side effects..over the last month i lowered my dose from 20mg of lexapro to 10mg in preparation for the switch..also, i took lexapro strictly for ANXIETY, no depression..i was given the choice of zoloft and celexa..i chose celexa..wise choice? since ive lowered my dose of lexapro ive started feeling kind of..out of it..i think they call it derealization..sort of like im buzzed off alcohol..just out of it..i hope that going to 40mg of celexa will help me..any input on any of this is greatly appreciated..thank you

A: You should be able to switch directly from Lexapro to the Citalopram. They are very similar to each other, and it’s worth a try – to see if you can save money by using the Citalopram.

I would suggest keeping a few extra Lexapro pills, and if you have any “discomfort” while your system is switching over, you can take the Lexapro to help smoothen the transitional period.

When I was first going on antidepressants, I switched from Lexapro to Citalopram – for the very reasons you mentioned, to save money. The Citalopram didn’t work as well (for me) as the Lexapro, and I had to go back to it. I hope it works for you – since you’re just taking it for anxiety, that increases the probability that it will.

Don’t forget that the Citalopram dose is 2X the Lexapro dose (10 mg of Lexapro = 20 mg of Citalopram).

Best of luck to you :-)

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