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Lexapro Medication

A: I’ve been taking Lexapro for over a year and a half, and it’s done good things for me.

I haven’t really noticed any bad side effects, but when I first started taking it, the doctor had me take it in the morning – and it made me very drowsy. They had me switch it to before bedtime, and that made a huge improvement.

Q: lexapro medication?
has anyone been on this? is it good for anxiety

A: i have been on it for 6 weeks. i haven’t really had any side-effects. it have completely cured my depression and it working well on the anxiety. i still struggle with some anxiety, but am able to do everything I want to (I take xanax once in a while, as perscribed by a doc until the lexapro works fully). I though the med would work faster, but I guess compared to many others it works fast. good luck.

Q: Lexapro Medication?
How has it worked for you-any side effects?

A: I have taken Lexapro for about five years, and I have had very good response to it. After the first two or three weeks it will build up in your system, and it helps keeps mood swings at bay. Also as a pleasant side affect I have noticed that it helps muscle ache. I had back surgery four years ago, and it helps keep muscle spasms from ruining life. I have had no weight gain from it, and it has helped better than Prozac. It’s a personal thing so keep in touch with your body.

Q: How long does it take before Lexapro medication starts to work?
this is an anti-depressent and an anti-axiety medication my doctor prescribed ive been taking it for 6 days now but the symptoms are still there.

A: It takes a couple weeks before you’ll feel the Lexapro beginning to work, and four to six weeks for it to reach it’s full “effective” level. So, in another week or so you should start to feel the medication. And, in another month it’ll be “full strength”.

btw… I found (by experimenting) that the best time for me to take my Lexapro is with dinner. I sleep better at night, and I’m more awake the next day.

Q: Lexapro Medication Question – Does it cause a bit more anxiety in the beginning?
I was just prescribed lexapro for General Anxiety / Panic Disorder. My question is, does it cause a little bit more anxiety when you first start taking it? If so, how soon does that go away? A few days? I’m feeling a bit more anxious on it, maybe I’m just paranoid though.

A: Lexapro is an antidepressant that also treats anxiety and panic disorder. It is in the same category (SSRIs) as prozac, celexa, zoloft and paxil.

Sometimes, when I started a new drug, I would feel a bit nervous. Your increase in anxiety may be due to that. In general, side effects for these meds start early after you start taking them. They should lessen or hopefully completely disappear from 2 weeks to a month.

Please remember that Lexapro can take 3 to 6 weeks before it builds up in your system and you feel the positive effects. You doctor should have told you that.

If your anxiety and panic are not too severe, it is possible that alternative health treatments might help. Exercise has helped me a lot with anxiety. Then there are treatments like acupuncture, nutrtional supplements, massage, etc. that may lessen or completely eliminate your problems. I am not making any promises here. However, you might look for a health professional trained in alternative medicine.

There is also the possibility that psychotherapy might help. It might help you get to the root of the problem and give you coping strategies when you feel very anxious. Research shows that therapy plus meds is generally more effective than meds alone or therapy alone. I know how dreadful panic attacks can be.

Finally, make sure you are seeing a psychiatrist. They know much more about psych problems and meds than general practitioners. I wish you well.

Q: Just started Lexapro medication – Is not being able to cry a side effect?
Hi guys

I just started Lexapro, and since I’ve been taking it I’ve been unable to cry. I get the lump in the throat and semi-watery eyes, but I am unable to just cry properly.

Is this normal?

A: Summary of Adverse Reaction Reports for Lexapro (Escitalopram)
2,029 Cases
Note – these are not all adverse reactions – only those most serious.

Depression Suicidal/Suicidal Ideations: 136
Attempted Suicides (not completed): 82
Completed Suicides: 189
Deaths (not from Suicide): 33
Homicidal Ideations: 10
Homicides/Murders: 9
Hypomania/Mania: 32

Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine

TOP 20 adverse reactions

Completed Suicide, Convulsion, Suicidal Ideation, Condition Aggravated, Depression, Nausea, Loss of Consciousness, Drug Exposure During Pregnancy, Dizziness, Anxiety, Hyponatraemia, Tremor, Insomnia, Confusional State, Suicide Attempt, Drug Interaction, Agitation, Feeling Abnormal, Fatigue, Headache
I would recommend you to watch following DVD that is available online if you have fast internet. It’s told by psychiatrists, psychologists and people who worked for pharmaceutical companies. It informs you – beside other things – about side effects that are not often being told by psychiatrists. It also suggests an alternative in the end. When you then make a decision to take antidepressants, you may be better prepared, educated and understand what’s going on when you encounter some bad side effects. I would say that these information are actually vital.
The link sounds a little scary – that’s because many antidepressants have suicidal thoughts and impulses as side effects which you can also read inside the pack of some antidepressants.

Watch trailer 1:55 min

The whole DVD

Fox News about pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (Prozac, Zyprexa and others)
3:36 min

Q: Is Lexapro a safe medication to be taking?
I am prescribed 30mg Lexapro, I have heard so many positive and negative things about this medication, which makes me really unsure.

A: You’re not going to start on 30 mg of Lexapro are you? If you are, that is way too large of a dose!! Normally, people start on either 5 mg or 10 mg, and work their way up from there. Starting on 30 mg would be too much of a shock to your system.

Yes, Lexapro is a safe medication to be taking, it is supposed to have the least side effects of the anti-depressants.

Q: Is there a medication like Lexapro on the Wal-mart $4 list?
I currently take 20mg of lexapro for my anxiety. I am about to not have any health insurance but I can’t survive without lexapro. My anxiety gets very intense and affects my relationships with others without it. I have read that Celexa is similar to lexapro but I am worried about taking it because it seems that it is more for depression than anxiety. Does anyone know of a good anti-anxiety medication that is on Walmart’s $4 list?? Please help!

A: Az R is right. However, without a background in organic chem, it’s hard to understand the difference in the two drugs.

Talk to your doctor. You should be able to switch to Celexa 40mg and not notice a big difference. The reason for the dosage difference has to do with the organic chemistry.

Good luck.

Q: Does anyone know from experience what it is like to do ecstacy when on the medication lexapro?
My sweet 16 is coming up and I haven’t done E since I started taking 20mg of lexapro last summer. I used to do it more than a few times, and I know someone who has rolled while on lexapro, but does anyone else know what its like? Thanks

A: Wow. Grow up.

Q: Has the medication Lexapro actually helped any of you?
I have PMDD, and my doctor gave me Lexapro. I just started, and I know it takes a few months to kick in. I just wanted to hear stories of how it’s helped some of you.

A: I have panic disorder adn depression. Lexapro has really helped me. It took about 4 weeks before I felt better but it is the best antidepressant I have been on.

Q: How have your experiences been with Lexapro anti-anxiety medication for IBS?
My gastroentrologist put me on lexapro. He said to take half tablet for 10 days and then from day 11 to take full tablet. He told me side effects would be strong and there maybe discomfort initially but in 2 to 3 weeks, the side effects should be gone and lexapro would start to benefit.

Any other IBS patient been put on lexapro? if so, did it work?

A: Lexapro for IBS??? hmmm, IBS is a b.s. name for a collection of food intolerances mate……. i was diagnosed with IBS …… after being diagnosed with a plethora of other “ailments” ………. it turns out i’m lactose intolerant, coeliac, severely intolerant to soy and processed sugar and an array of chemicals they use to “preserve” our foods….. that was nearly 2 years ago that i finally addressed it all …….. cos i had to ditch all the nastynastytoxicsludge antidepressants they’d pumped me full of first ……… i’m full of bounce these day.

Change your physician mate and get a second opinion…….. go and get yourself fully assessed by a naturopath or nutritionally oriented physician ……. get them to do testing for food allergies/intolerances and chemical sensitivities …….what you ingest and absorb through your skin and breath can have a vast impact on the way you think, the way you feel and your overall health and vitality ……. seriously, you can live a pain free drug free life if only you know precisely what chemicals and foods are upsetting your system …. it could be something as simple as lactose intolerance or an intolerance to processed sugar or wheat …… disorders from which people suffer due to intolerances to food or chemicals in their diets can cover almost the whole spectrum of physical and mental illnesses ….. an extraordinary concept but mind blowingly true……. do yourself a favor and go and get allergy tested.

in the meantime, try to eat as much whole fresh foods that you prepare yourself that includes a wide range of leafy and green vegies, some low sugar fresh fruits like watermelon, cantalope, pears and strawberries, some lean meats and fishes, brown rice, organic nuts and seeds like almonds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds and lots of fresh filtered water ………. feed your body from God’s table and wean yourself off any highly processed, packagedsludge that has little to no nutritional value anyway.

In the meantime….. a good quality probiotic is a good idea to take too …. Probiotics are helpful bacterium which produce the enzyme lactase which helps digest lactose, a milk sugar…………take a supplement before your main meals as this will help with the digestive process by encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, it will also help maintain optimal intestinal pH, which, in turn, helps with complete digestion…… probiotics will increase the absorption of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and sometimes iron too….. they also produce some of the B vitamins, including biotin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6…… the B vitamins are essential for healthy neural, digestive and immune system functioning.

The freeze ~ dried form (powdered & necessary to refridgerate) is most stable and easily used by the body…… buy a dairy free variety as this will be the easiest for your system to use.

Try to pinpoint any food intolerances or allergies you may have as well as bad digestive symptoms such as bloating, acid reflux, gassiness and tummy aches can all be symptoms of lactose intolerance (or simply that you’ve just finished a course of antibiotics) …. try ditching the milk and dairy products for a few days to combat such digestive issues, and instead eat loads of leafy and green vegies, some organic nuts and seeds such as almonds and brazil nuts and some fresh tuna or salmon …. all are rich in calcium…… as are fresh vegies such as carrotts and fruits such as oranges……..Or simply drink organic rice milk fortified with calcium …… the fish are rich in both calcium and vitamin D….. vitamin D is needed for effective calcium assimilation and is known as the sunshine vitamin so make sure you get 10 – 15 mins per day of safe sun exposure.

You should feel a difference within a few hours of taking them …. but it really is imperative for your bounce and vitality that you pinpoint the cause of your digestive issues ……… ;0)

peace baby

Q: Is anyone out there taking the medication Lexapro? Could you please tell me something about it? Does it work
I have been on it for 3 days now. How long does it take to get into your system? Does it work? I just need to talk to someone who IS taking it. Thank you for any information you can give me.

A: Lexapro didnt’ work for me but antidepressants work differently for everyone. You should start to feel less down and have more energy…you might start feeling like you have more motivation.
It normally takes from 1 week all the way up to 6 weeks before you start to feel better. I would suggest that you continue to take the med for about 3 weeks..and if you haven’t felt a difference then you should go talk to your doc.

Good Luck

Q: What are the possible side effects to drinking alcohol while on anti-depressant medication (Lexapro)?

A: “According to the Lexapro® (escitalopram oxalate) manufacturer, drinking alcohol while on Lexapro is not recommended. Because medicines and alcohol act upon similar chemicals in the brain, the concern is that Lexapro will increase the effects of alcohol — whether this is increasing depression symptoms or affecting motor skills.”

Q: Has anyone tried Lexapro the medication for depression? ive been on it for a week and no change :S?
I’ve been depressed for two years and preety much lived in isolation the whole time i still go to high school… any hope with this stuff?

A: i tried lexapro… my dr. said it typically takes about 45 days to see a difference, so he made me take xanex with it, but that made me too stoned, i wouln’t suggest doing that

Q: Is Lexapro is the most effective and less side effect medication for depression and GAD?
I have priscribed Lexapro for GAD and Depression. I am scared that will have sever side effect, specialy on sex life. So, I need your advice and experince for the effectiveness of taking that medication. Also, how long should I take this medication for the full treatment of depression and GAD? Thank You

A: Personally, I hated lexapro. I was taking it for anxiety also and all it did was intensify it. It got so bad it made me pass out…twice! I took it for only a few days before that happened and when I stopped taking it I couldn’t sleep, eat or even leave my house for almost a week. Everyone is different but if you experience sever side effects call your Dr. I currently take Zoloft and have been on it for 2 years now and it has worked miracles for my anxiety problem. I have had no problems in the sex department. You should continue the medication for as long as your dr recommends. Hope this helped! Good Luck with whatever meds you choose.

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