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Lexapro Online

A: celexa is just like lexapro and at walmarts it is 4.00 for 30 and 10.00 for 90

Q: whats the best online pharmacy in canada? Lexapro cost me $ 118 for 30 pills. Im looking for canada for help?

A: take a look at the generic at a much better price at which is the same site I use for my monthly meds.

Q: Is it safe to take lexapro during pregnancy?
I have been taking lexapro for years now and just confused about taking it since I am pregnant. I have looked at things online and now I have no clue. Or should I switch to Zoloft or Paxil? Does anyone have any experience with that? Also I am on 10 miligrams right now and 6 weeks pregnant.

A: I was told don’t stop taking your medication until you talk with your doctor it could send your body into shock.

Q: Is it safe to use Oxycodone if you are taking Lexapro?
I have been searching online for the answer to this, and cannot find it. So, does anyone know if it is dangerous to use Oxycodone if someone takes Lexapro daily?


A: Joachin: SSRIs can’t make you high, and it doesn’t make sense to “skip” pain meds if you’re in pain.

To address the question, although there is no direct interaction, be aware that opioids (such as oxycodone) are central nervous system depressants. So the use of opioids does increase the risk of depression, which is obviously not ideal for people on antidepressants.

On the other hand, pain also increases the risk of depression, which poses quite the difficulty for people with both chronic pain and depression. If the oxycodone is just to get you through a few days of acute pain (injury, post-op, etc), you’ll probably be fine with it. If you’re looking at more than just a few days, I would recommend trying as many non-opioid solutions as possible before committing to the oxycodone.

Q: Is 20mg of lexapro once a day an appropriate amount to start off with?
I went to the doctors today because i have some prety bad anxiety and he suggested to start with 20mg lexapro once a day and take .5mg xanax as needed. i read posts online and most people said they started of with 10mg lexapro. my question is, is it fine to start off with 20mg lexapro? please help!

A: Follow exactly how your doctor prescribed it. If you have any questions, call the pharmacist where you got them. S/He can look up the script to be sure how the doctor wrote it. Pharmacists are so smart and kind. Don’t be afraid to ask the pharmacist any questions you have.
Best of luck, Nick! :)

Q: Are there any reliable websites to refill or purchase new prescriptions online, without insurance?
My health insurance has lapsed and until I renew, a visit to the doctor’s office and any prescribed medication has become very pricy…(I just spent 130$ for a months worth of Lexapro, to give you an idea). I was just wondering if there was a reliable U.S. pharmacy where I could purchase my norco online. Thank you in advance.

A: There is no reliable pharmacies that will give out medication without a valid prescription. It is illegal and you will just be buying some very dangerous version of the drug that is not effective and a complete waiste of money.

Try your local free health care clinic (
They could help you get your meds for free until you get insurance again.

Q: Does Lexapro Really Have The Cleanest Liver Metabolization Of All Anti-Depressants?
I found this online …..

“Lexapro has the cleanest cyp450 system (liver metabolization) of all AD’s. Celexa was the cleanest before, only mild inhibitions in the 2d6 and 1a2…Lexapro has 0 (negligible) inhibitions in all the pathways..3a4,2d6,1a2,2c19,and 2c9
(In otherwords…it is nearly impossible to get a drug-to-drug interaction with Lexapro…which is good news for anybody on multiple meds.)”

Does anybody know if that is true?

A: WOW!!! Now that made me feel old, Lexapro I thought at first it was some kind of big cat, but thanks for making use my head on this one.

Lexapro can be taken with most other medicines. Always tell your healthcare professional what medicines you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs, herbal remedies, diet supplements, etc. If you are taking monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, such as Nardil® (phenelzine sulfate) and Parnate® (tranylcypromine sulfate), you should NOT take Lexapro. If you are not sure, ask your healthcare professional if you are taking an MAO inhibitor. You should also not take Lexapro if you are taking the antipsychotic medicine Orap® (pimozide). View the Full Prescribing Information for more information about drug interactions and contraindications.

Q: Does lexapro cause hair loss?
I was on zoloft for a few years for anxiety and it worked okay but not too great (probably because I got used to it after a few years)…so I switched to lexapro. I have been on lexapro for 2-3 weeks already and am reading stuff online that lexapro can cause hair loss. Anyone have experience w/ this or w/ taking lexapro? Thanks!

A: I’ve been on lexapro for two years and it really has helped with anxiety attacks. Take biotin if you find your losing hair, it’s cheap, you can buy it at walmart or a grocery store and it helps grow your hair.
To answer your question….I don’t have a problem with hair loss

Q: Physical Side Effects While Taking Lexapro?
My doctor just put me on Lexapro. I have done some research online and was wondering what physiologial side effects other people have had while taking it. If you had any, what were they? How long did they last? etc

thank you!

A: The only physical effect is the gain of weight^_^

Q: Generic LEXAPRO Concern?
I recently ordered a generic Lexapro online from but I’m concerned it could be counterfeit. Its a round yellow- off white color but it has no print on the pill? has anyone ever ordered from this site??? Please let me know your experience if you have…thank you!! =)

A: generics never look like the brand name, it is illegal to make a generic that looks the same, just like it is illegal to make a fake watch or pocketbook that uses the same logo. I just looked at that site and it looks pretty legit to me. just make sure the pills you are taking are properly labeled with the generic name Escitalopram and you can always call the site to ask how to identify what you received, just like you sometimes have to do at the corner drugstore because most pills only have a code on them and not a brand name. Now that I am thinking about it, we all should always double check what the pharmacist give us, anyone can make a mistake.

Q: Generic Lexapro Concern?
I recently ordered a generic Lexapro online from but I’m concerned it could be counterfeit. Its a round yellow- off white color but it has no print on the pill? has anyone ever ordered from this site??? Please let me know your experience if you have…thank you!! =)

A: I would say not to take the pill…I am a pharmacy student and there is no current generic formulation of Lexapro. This means that the tablet you got is not FDA approved and therefore could contain anything. I know that sometimes talking with your doctor about depression is hard but really medications like this only work well if you are monitored while taking it…especially for the first few weeks. I would suggest you go to your doctor and get a prescription for the real deal. If cost is an issue then try to go with a anti-depressant that has a generic formulation like fluoxitine, citalopram, or paroxetine. Most of these are on $4 generic lists and work close to the same as Lexapro.

Q: Is anyone taking LEXAPRO have any good experiences with it?
I just started taking Lexapro. I took it last night (10mg – my first dose) at about 8PM i work up this morning for work at 5:30AM and had dilated pupils which scared me and i felt like i was going to faint. I feel fine now but i keep reading about Lexapro online and i am only hearing negative things about it. Its very discouraging. I am wondering if anyone has had good experiences while taking Lexapro?? I also heard that the first week is rough and the side effects get better… Is this true??

A: After spending over a year house bound due to severe agoraphobia, Lexapro and intense therapy have helped me regain my life. I still have some anxiety, mainly around the PMS time of the month, but it’s dealable. In the three years on Lexapro, I’ve had two panic attacks… that’s MUCH better than the ten-a-day I was experiencing. As with all psychiatric meds, you need to give time for the med to work and it may be a rough start before it gets better. I have been on generic lexapro for 3 years now, I order lexapro online through reputable UK drugstore.

Q: Can I take dramamine and lexapro together?
I am on an antibiotic that makes me nauseated. 2nd round for sinus infection. I asked the pharmacist (who is Indian) if there was something I could take for the nausea. He said dramamine. So I got home and he looked at my drug history and said because I take lexapro (depression) I could not take dramamine. I couldn’t understand why not (his english is limited) so I looked online and couldn’t find the answer. Anyone know why not?

A: call a pharmacist thats speaks clearer english. PLEASE do not trust what you read on here when it comes to your health.

Q: Can lexapro and zoloft lethal be lethal taken together? I am finding conflicting reports?
Anna Nicole Smith’s son died from a lethal combination of antidepressents in his body. I was reading an article on it and the pathologist said that zoloft and lexapro can be lethal when taken together. So I decided to check for drug interactions online with these two medications and every website says there are no interactions. Is this false information?

A: That information is false. It is very dangerous and could lead to death. It will lead to a situation called Serotonin Syndrome.

There is no logic in combining SSRIs. You have to wait 3 months for the result after reaching the maximum dose of an SSRI. In the case of a single SSRI doesn’t provide enough response, you can try:

Switch to another SSRI
Augment the current SSRI
Drugs from other classes (eg. Bupropion, Mirtazapine, Clomipramine etc…)

Q: Is there an online search for therapists/psychiatrists?
I think it’s time that I seek out help. I yesterday made of list of about 50 reasons why I hate my life. I am extremely depressed and have been for about 4 years now. I have been on Lexapro for a little over a month and find that it is not helping at all. I told my Dr. this and he just upped my dosage of Lexapro. I find that I am tired during the day and am fine being so as I would rather sleep. I have nothing else better to do. I just graduated college in May and still haven’t found a job. I go on interviews but I get no offers. I was a good student w/ a 3.7 GPA but it seems to not matter. I consistently wish that I had the courage to take my life, but I can’t. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a way to search for therapists/psychiatrists online? Thanks

A: There is a great theapist finder website called “”

Also, are you seeing a general practioner or are you seeing a psychiatrist? See a psychiatrist. Lexapro can take over 6 weeks for it to reach theraputic levels. Also its important to have your thyroid checked. Many times this is over looked when diagnosing depression, essecially when you have been experiencing depression for over 4 years.

Short term help….journal, get out of the house no matter how hard it is, do not consume alcohol or any other substances and talk to others, there are people who will help and listen.

and best of luck

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