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A: Legally, nowhere. Any place that offers to sell you a prescription drug w/o an Rx is a rip-off.
#1 – You’re comitting a crime buying from them.
#2 – They likely to send you either a sugar pill or a pill from countries where the production standards aren’t very strict.
#3 – If they rip you off, [...]


A: About celebrex: It is true that it is slightly better for the stomach (GI tract in general) and it does not have the detrimental side effects (increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality) that vioxx and bextra had.
Mobic is a less specific COX-2 inhibitor and has never been shown to be any better than celebrex.
As mobic [...]

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I’m new to on-line pharmacy and I was told I could get presciption drugs for cheap. I need to purchase 200mg Celebrex. Can anyone give me a reliable online store I can purchase from? Also what are the questions or things I need to watch out for?
I thank you for you time [...]

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This is for my Mom, she has a pain on her armpit, that we think it was for lifting weighs when she was young I mean on her 20’s she’s on her 50’s now. A Doctor told her it might be a sprain and she also has arthritis. And she also has gastritis and [...]

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A: Celecoxib is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat pain or inflammation. Your doctor is probably trying conservative treatment and then will check your response. If there has been no improvement, he or she may elect to order more extensive testing such as an MRI to see if any tendon or [...]


A: There has been a lot of controversy surrounding anti-arthritics of this type, the coxibs and several have been withdrawn due to concerns about cardiac ( heart ) toxicity. Some of them were very effective and many patients did get a lot of benefit. When I was using them, when they were still fashionable, [...]

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I was taken to a hospital and am in badly need of some second opinions/advice. First of all I am a poor person… with no health insurance. Secondly health care in China is definitely not up to par with other countries. My options are very limited.
I was given an ray and told that the operation [...]

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Rarely,serious(sometimes fatal) asthma-related breathing problems have occurred with the use of long-acting inhaled beta agonists(e.g.,salmeterol)… product contains salmeterol in combination with fluticasone(a corticosteriod)It is not known if adding corticosteriod changes this risk.Therefore patients with asthma,this drug should only be prescribed when one long-term medication(e.g. inhaled corticosteriods)does not control breathing problems or when more than one [...]


A: What an insightful question.
While salmeterol has reduced medical withdrawals due to asthma control compared with SABA’s, it has also been associated with a higher risk for death among patients with severe asthma.
In the most current study of salmeterol vs placebo, salmeterol was associated with slightly higher rates of asthma-related death, respiratory-related [...]