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Buy Celebrex

A: Legally, nowhere. Any place that offers to sell you a prescription drug w/o an Rx is a rip-off.

#1 – You’re comitting a crime buying from them.
#2 – They likely to send you either a sugar pill or a pill from countries where the production standards aren’t very strict.
#3 – If they rip you off, you can’t complain (see #1)

Q: Where can I buy Celebrex online?
I have a written prescription from my doctor, but my health insurance provider won’t cover it. I hope to be able to purchase it online, at the cheapest cost.

A: It is very simple just click the link and you will be able to buy your celebrex from a reputed canadian online pharmacy.

Q: where can I buy either loritabs or percosets online?
I had surgery a year ago and still have chronic pain that ibuprofren 800, robaxin, celebrex wont help! Percosets and lortabs seem to work but the Army wont give me a prescription!

A: There is probably a reason they won’t give you a prescription. They can be very habit forming. Depending on what your chronic pain stems from, explore medicines that will help that. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory. Percocets and Lorotabs have an analgesic and tylenlol in them. I would go see a doctor before you try to treat the pain yourself, The person above has it right. They are very addicting….so be careful…..get some help to take away the pain! Hope you get rid of the pain.

Q: My doc just wrote me a script for celebrex.. saying it was an anti-depressant..?
Now I know it isnt.. but thought maybe there was some reason he did this. It is costly and I just had a baby. I have been EXTREAMLY depressed post baby and called telling them this.
They called me in Celebrex…
Does it help with depression? maybe the hormones? I am not going to go buy the expensive script if not. I am worried that maybe he doesnt take me seriously.

A: He gave you a script for celebrex?

I’m not a doctor but i can say that that sounds a little weird to me. Is he your primary doctor?

If i were you i would hold off on that prescription and get a second opinion. Maybe from a psychiatrist instead because your doc doesn’t seem too concerned and i think your issue is important and needs to be taken more seriously. Good luck :)

Q: My 11 y.o staffy is on Deramaxx, is there any reason I can’t give her my Voltaren or Celebrex ???
She has a 2″ hard lump around her ribs and within days of this coming up (overnight) she started limping with her hind leg on the same side as the lump. Vet aspirated and put her on Deramaxx 50mg per day. Couldn’t find anything without further tests which would cost $500 and she said outcome didn’t look good anyway, then surgery would be $$$ more if this was even possible. Decided to treat pallatively as her life expectancy is a further year or two without any health problems. Bought Deramaxx today for the next 40 days (50mg on alternate days) but I was wondering if there was any reason she can’t be given Voltaren or Celebrex (which I understand is a Cox-2) for financial reasons ??? I have also started her on Glucosamine sulfate 1000mg. I can’t find anywhere in Australia that sells dog medications over the internet at a reduced price and American websites have expensive shipping costs. Thanks in advance.

A: FIrst off Deramaxx is a non-steroid which is given to dogs some of the side effect’s are: Vomiting
Change in bowel movements such as diarrhea or change in stool color
Change in drinking or urination
Decrease in appetite
Change in behavior, such as depression or restlessness I wouldn’t worry to much about this drug as I would others that are on the market. However, I would check with your vet about the knots that have been found. You can have your Vet do blood values (bloodwork) on you pet also to rule out a lot of issues. He/she should have the blood work done to check the kidney’s & liver while on non-steroids anyway.

Q: Disability Insurance Question, Combined Life, Afflac?
Would it be wise of me to buy a disabilty insurance plan before I have elective surgery? How far ahead of surgery should I buy?

Here’s the detail…50yo M. diagnosed with severe degenerative arthritis in both hips. I’ve been on Celebrex for the last 5 to 6 years as needed but have been using Celebrex more and more. The doctor says it is up to me when the right time is for surgery, more or less whenever I can’t stand the pain anymore. He thinks it should be taken care of now instead of suffering. They would do one hip at a time with approx 3 to 4 months recovery each.

Would there be any benefit to buying a disability insurance policy to go along with the NYS disability I would be on, which doesn’t pay much?


A: It is too late to get disability insurance. You are already under a doctor’s care for “severe degenerative arthritis”. When you apply for the disability policy there will be questions where you will have to disclose this condition. Your will application will be declined.

Sorry those are the facts. Kind of like deciding you need fire insurance when there is a forest fire raging a mile away from your house.

Q: Will my herniated disk heal? Specific Case?
Thanks for bearing through this for me!

So around 3 1/2 months ago I got a herniated disk. The sciatica went away after a month and things started to gradually improve. However, I still had pain in my left leg and it was the nerves (my lumbar area felt completely fine). So anyways my situation reached a plateau and stayed there and it has been there ever since.

I was treated by a chiropractor. Then I had an epidural facet block (that did absolutely nothing), then I saw an orthopedic surgeon and then two neurosurgeons that told me that I was in good shape and said that surgery was in no way needed and that they would not operate on me because they saw it as insignificant (because I could and can walk, sit, etc,) and that I would heal (they gave me Celebrex and Lyrica that I currently use. I started physical therapy every day at one of the best PT places in the country.

Basically, I have had all of the conservative treatments that money can buy and seen all of the doctors under the sun. Everyone tells me I am going to get better (I am 21, in great physical shape and an excellent diet with proper nutrition and vitamins (I even take my freaking glucosamine for goodness sake…)).

HOWEVER, I am in incredible pain everyday in my waist and sometimes my left legs goes somewhat numb when I sit. I do not seem to get any better (I actually felt much better a few weeks ago than I feel now) and I do not know what to do. It is starting to screw with my head, emotions and everything else related to my well being. I do not know what to do. It doesn’t seem like it is getting better and according to all the specialist websites (like Mayo Clinic) I should have fully healed at 8 weeks.

Please, what can I do? I am so desperate that I always want to cry and my life has lost all meaning. I hate myself, my relationship with God, and am probably suffering from some sort of depression. I cannot live like this anymore because the pain is too much, everyday, constantly and there isn’t anything else the medical field can do for me. Will I really get better or have to live with this chronically for the rest of my life? If yes, I just don’t think life is worth living and I will not live like this….

A: It will take a year, possibly longer for your body to absorb the herniation. The surgeons are right, you aren’t a surgical candidate. For Pete’s sake, stay away from the chiropractors, they can’t solve a real medical problem, and could easily exasperate the situation. What you do need is a doctor that will prescribe real pain meds. You should be on Vicodin, Darvocet, or Percocet. There are people taking sixteen Vicodin a day to alleviate the pain from a herniated disk, Celebrex isn’t going to cut it. Go to another doctor that specializes in pain management, and get some proper meds. (By the way, I don’t recommend taking sixteen Vicodin a day, hopefully two will do the job.) Glucosamine won’t help, the herniation is impacting nerves. I’d be careful of too much exercise, it can inflame the area around the herniation. Which doesn’t mean do none, just don’t overdo it.

Manage the pain, and the emotional stuff will improve dramatically. Be patient, life will get better. Good luck!

Q: Foot still swollen after 2 years?? Help please!!?
Hey guys..i would really appreciate some tips, suggestions, etc. I injured the top of my right foot while I was playing at a playground with my little nephew and i pulled a ligament or tissue..I’ve gotten sooo many therapies and still there is fluid left on the top of my foot. Its not going away..its soo hard to buy shoes..or wear the ones i want. It just looks so fluffy and no visible sick of it..Please help. Im taking celebrex now for the inflammation..but still please make some helpful suggestions..what about surgery to take out the fluid? THANKS…SO MUCH!!

A: I think surgery is a good idea, but not to take out the fluid but to fix the foot the right way. Apparently there is still something torn or broken in there.

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