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A: About celebrex: It is true that it is slightly better for the stomach (GI tract in general) and it does not have the detrimental side effects (increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality) that vioxx and bextra had.
Mobic is a less specific COX-2 inhibitor and has never been shown to be any better than celebrex.
As mobic is not generic it is as expensive as celebrex.
If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to celebrex, I would recommend Etodolac as it is generic and overall better tolerated than ibuprofen or naprosyn.
From a personal standpoint: my mother tolerated celebrex ok but had severe stomach problems with mobic. As always YMMV.
Disclaimer: I am not a paid consultant for any of these companies and have no direct financial interest in them.

Q: Does Celebrex increase depression in people taking antidepressants and anxiety medication?
I recently started taking Celebrex for arthritis and I’m also on antidepressants, thyroid and anxiety medications. I have started being teary eyed and down in the dumps. Just wondered if anyone knows if this could be a side effect of Celebrex.

A: There are psychiatric side-effects that can occur with Celebrex (link below, click on the side-effects tab), and also drug interactions mainly due to its action on two important isoenzymes often used in the breakdown/metabolism of medications.

It might be one to check through with your doctor – for example if the antidepressant you are on is Prozac, then the CYP2D6 inhibition caused by the Celebrex would have implications on the Prozac metabolism, possibly leading to increased levels which in turn could be implicated in your reaction.

Q: What time of the day is best to take Celebrex?
I have severe hip pain and I have taken Celebrex for years. I work (stand) 8 hours a day and and the last couple of hours my pain is almost unbearable. I have always taken Celebrex at night. Does anyone take it in the morning and does it last all day? Does it cause drowsiness?

A: I take it whenever. I have never been drowsy from Celebrex, but it affects people differently.

It unfortunately does NOT last all day, and my prescription says I can only take two pills…either together, or one now and one later. Unless your hip pain keeps you awake at night, take this stuff during the day. If it does keep you awake, take some melatonin and valerian root tea to help knock you out naturally.

Q: Can CELEBREX be used to cure back pain for both men and women?
Can the drug celebrex be used to cure back pain for men and women? Does it make a difference if the pills are generic?

Pleasee answer soon!

Thank you!!

A: Be careful with what you choose

This painkiller has been linked to increased risks of stomach bleeding, kidney trouble, and liver damage. And according to a 2005 study, people taking 200 mg of Celebrex twice a day more than doubled their risk of dying of cardiovascular disease. Those on 400 mg twice a day more than tripled their risk.

Q: What can you take for a headache while on celebrex?
The celebrex I’m suppose to take is once a day, it is the 200mg.

A: You can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) for your headache with Celebrex. You can always call your doctor to be sure.

Q: Can I take turmeric capsules and Celebrex at the same time?
Can I take turmeric capsules and Celebrex at the same time?

A: ask your doctor and/or pharmacist.

Q: How long do I take Celebrex before it starts working?
I just began to take this medicine today.I’m wondering how long it will be before I can notice any difference in arthritis pain?

A: I took Celebrex for my shoulder and i noticed that after about 4 or 5 days i had better movement with it, with less pain. Im sure its different in everyone though. Hope you feel better soon.

Q: Can anyone tell me what long / short term side effects they’ve experienced taking Celebrex?
I’m doing some research, I recently stopped taking Celebrex, but still have some concerns.

A: I have heard it contributes to strokes. My mother was on it and had several strokes. Do not know if that was the problem. Just wondering.

Q: I’m experiencing the side effects of Celebrex after just using it for two days, should I go to the doctor?
I just took two pills of Celebrex for two days and stopped because I was not feeling well but now I still feel like this and two days has passed. I feel cold-like symptoms like fever, sore throat and headache. Also what I’m worried the most is that I feel a burning sensation in chest and stomach, difficulty breathing, dizziness, decreased appetite and a constant feeling of thirst.

Since I just used the pill for two days, should I go to the doctor or these symptoms will soon go away? PLEASE HELP ME

A: Call your doctor right away. They will probably go away, but you might need something to counteract any allergic response you could be having.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, call now. This is important.

Q: Can dogs take Celebrex to relieve arthritis pain?
Please answer this if you are a veterinary professional, physician, or a dog owner whose pet is being treated with this drug.
Chill out, I am asking because I am concerned about someone’s dog. Yikes!

A: Celebrex is not the best NSAID for a dog.

Many human pain medications will poison a dog or cat.

I give my Bernese mountain dog Mobic (Meloxicam).


Q: How Long Does Celebrex Take to Work?
I took it for a couple days for carpal tunnel thinking it would work immediately or not at all but have since been told I should have let it build up for it to work. Is that true?

A: yes it is going to take at least 2 weeks to feel the full affect.

Q: Can I take prescription Celebrex (200mgs) and day-quill/ny-quill at the same time?
I have a cold but i am taking Celebrex for costocondritis which is hurting right now. Is it okay to take both the Celebrex and the cold medicine?

A: Your best (and safest) bet would be to ask a pharmacist if there are any interactions listed between the drugs you’re wanting to take. Doctors and pharmacists both have access to a database of drug and supplement interactions and they can tell you quickly if you can safely take them together or not…. anyone here will just have a best guess from searching on the internet (which isn’t always accurate, as we all know) ;-) Good luck!

Q: Ihave just run out of Celebrex 200mg but have found some samples the doc gave me in 2008?
They are still in there original blister pack but expiration is 2008.Would they be safe to take ?

A: Have you not heard the news ? Celebrex can cause strokes / heart problems. Don’t take it at all…

Q: Why are some of those celebrex commercials so long?
They were like 4 minutes, 38 seconds long.
Same piano loop played like 60 times.

I bet that woman narrating the commercial was tired of narrating it. It also took up the whole commercial break to advertise it.

This is true for most other medical commercials or life insurance commercials.

A: Because most of these commercials are geared for the Senior citizen viewer because they buy the most drugs.

Q: How are NSAID drugs such as Celebrex different from ordinary pain killers?
What exactly are the differences between pain killers like the verious Tylanols and NSAID drugs like Celebrex and the withdrawn Vioxx? Why do NSAID drugs require a doctor’s prescription and why are the so much more expensive than ordinary pain killers?

A: NSAIDs stand for Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. They aren’t steroids, which is good, and they reduce inflammation & swelling. They are commonly prescribed for arthritis conditions. Tylenol works differently than the NSAIDs and targets pain, not swelling & pain both.

Ibuprofen is an NSAID and doesn’t require a prescription. Some do require a doctor’s prescription probably because they can be dangerous if you take too many. Not sure why they are more expensive– probably because they are newer and made of more complicated ingredients (so it costs more to make them?).

NSAIDs are supposed to be easier on your stomach than other painkillers, but as in the case of Vioxx, they can have other complications.

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