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Blood Thinner

Clopidogrel Bisulfate

A: I’m not sure if you can actually find the steps of synthesis, but here’s the wikipedia article with the structure on it:
And if you’re doing this for advanced organic chemistry or something like that, then you probably can come up with a reasonable sequence of reactions to attain that product. It’s been too [...]


A: The maker of Plavix won a lawsuit against the generic maker.
There won’t be any more (for a long time) when current stocks run out.
Q: what is the best way to manufacture clopidogrel?I have understood that there are more than one ways to manufacture the API, I would like to understand which of the methods [...]

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What can you tell me about this stuff?
Is Cipla connected with Sanofi in India?
Is there are reputable Mail Order Pharmacy in Canada that sells this stuff?
The two that I’m looking at are (1) Canada Pharmacy (from whom I have been buying Canada Only Plavix for the past 6 years) and (2) The Canadian Pharmacy, [...]

Plavix Drug

A: Yes. Start here:
Q: What exactly does the drug Plavix do?My husband is having heart issues and I’m hoping the Dr doesn’t prescribe Plavix for him, I looked up my insurance and it’s 1800.00 for a 3 month supply and no other generic is listed for this medicine.
He has an irregular heartbeat.
A: Clopidogrel bisulfate (Plavix) [...]


A: That would be a question best asked of her doctor. There are so many factors that would go into a decision about whether to get a hysterectomy, take hormones, or take a drug like Plavix.
My personal recommendation would be for her to talk to her doctor about either lowering her dose or switching to [...]

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A: If you are looking for a good, low-cost and reliable non-usa pharmacy that carries generics of most popular meds you can use the site I buy from which is at
Q: i cannot buy PLAVIX blood thinner in the generic form now.?i was able to buy PLAVIX in generic form until today. the pharmacy [...]

Plavix Online

A: GO on line to the company that makes Plavix… I bet you can get it for free! My mother used to get allot of her meds free that way. You need proof of income, maybe tax forms, and his Dr. has to have a prescription to send in to them. TRY [...]

Cheap Plavix

A: while we all wait for the new health care plan you can do what we do and buy lower cost generics online from the European site World-Rx.Net, for some of us this is the only reasonable alternative
Q: is there a way to get plavix for the cheap?just trying to get it at a cheaper [...]