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A: I am guessing you mean dry AMD (macular degeneration). Tamoxifen can cause a certain macular retinopathy with very high doses and if given over a long period of time. The sort of doses that are generally administered after breast cancer does not cause this retinopathy and is completely unrelated to AMD
Q: Are the folling [...]


A: My wife had breast cancer and was on tamoxifen for five years without adverse reaction. I would suggest to you that there are other therapies available to you and if you have problems with tamoxifen you should talk to your oncologist about alternatives. Also, do not be afraid of getting a second [...]

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A: Where abouts are you? I got a name of gym who could help.
Q: where can i buy tamoxifen on the net? (uk)?Need to order some tamoxifen but not got a pro scription so not a chemist.
A: best Europe based online pharmacy is WORLD-DRUG.NET and they do carry tamoxifen
Q: tamoxifen/nolvadex has anyone used this for [...]

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A: U should get a prescription from an Oncologist.
The aromatase inhibitors have certain side effects for which your grandmother needs to be evaluated. They can cause bone thinning, so u should also give calcium supplements along with a weekly tablet called Osteophos.
Otherwise they are available in Medical stores.
But please consult with u r treating doctor [...]


A: It controls estrogen in men if they’re getting testosterone therapy. Too much T at one time turns to estrogen. If you take it by itself your T level will go up.
Q: I want to know if the drug arimidex can be used to help stop the bone plates to fuse to early?My 12 year [...]

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Thanks so much!!
A: a PROPERLY FDA-APPROCED generic is usually as good as the brand name equivalent, but you MUST be careful! While the MEDICATION is the same, there are “fillers” in the tablets, and each different generic may use a different filler. THE FILLER in a particule branad may cause problems [...]

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A: take a look at the international pharmacy listed below, they are know to sell at very low prices worldwide
Q: What type of fertility drugs can you buy online?I was just wondering. I hear you can buy Clomid and femara online but can you get injectables online?
If so, where?
And yes, I’m aware of all [...]


A: I havent taken Femara but I heard it is very good. Good luck. I hope everything work out for you.
Q: What is the difference between clomid or femara (letrozole) ?I’m getting an IUI for the first time and my doc put me on femara but I hear lots of people be on clomid !! [...]

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A: You can contact the company directly to ask about compassionate use or check with Needy Meds:
Needy Meds
Needy Meds: Femara
Q: How much does Femara Rx cost?Hello: I’m undergoing some infertility problems and I’d like to talk with my doctor about switching from Clomid to Femara. However, I’d like to have a ballpark figure [...]

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A: I have never taken Femara, but I am currently taking clomid, and if my second round was not a success, than on my third and last cycle were going to start ultrasounds and possibly IUI..
Your doctor is going another direction with you, and he does sound like he knows what he is doing.
Good luck [...]