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Orphenadrine ER

I’m used to soma for muscle relaxer
I drove off a ravine and hit a tree. It was bad I took a jar pretty hard and hit my head.
The orphenadrine is extended release
A: You don’t say how bad the car accident was. I was in a very bad one 24 years ago, and went to [...]

Orphenadrine Online

A: Most medications are still effective long after the expiration date. Most prescriptions are stamped with a 1 year exp. date as a standard.
I would be concerned as well that he was in possession of these pills. His story sounds rather weak.


I live alone so I am always nervous when I get into more serious medications like this. What should I expect?
A: Very few side effects if any. Surely not loopy and not like soma where it relaxes whole system and makes you feel sick.
Q: Orphenadrine, have you ever had any bad side effects from [...]

Robaxin Medication

A: I took flexeril…it does not work for me. I was in a baaaad quading accident and was given this med. for my lifelong injuries to my knee and i had major sugery on my shoulder for something else so i use it for that, i stoped tho because it doesn’t work for me, but [...]


A: Robaxin is a muscle relaxant and works on the nervous system. If this is not working then return to your Doctor and explain that it is not working. I do not advise you walk in and demand a different drug, just explain it is not working. As for ‘lower back pain’ drugs do not [...]

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A: robaxin is a muscle relaxer. is it possible your doctor thinks your headaches could be coming from your upper back or maybe tense muscles in your shoulders? if you are in the U S you need a perscription for robaxin. call the doctors office and ask for a clarification. normally [...]

Xylocaine Gel

A: Xylocaine gel is only 2 % it will not help much but if u buy xylocaine 10 % solution, put about 2 drops of this solution on hymen 15 minutes before insertion,
xylocaine should be used only once.
otherwise u will not get pleasure or the male will loose hardness.
Q: Using 6% Xylocaine gel during sex?I [...]


A: mrs dewey, i like you so much, please stay here i enjoy reading your post. anyway, anyone here missed khalil j?
Q: What’s the difference between Aneshtetic Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Prilocaine, and Xylocaine Creams?What’s the difference between Aneshtetic Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Prilocaine, and Xylocaine Creams? What is the best way to use this? external use or internal [...]

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Do you have any suggestions besides seeing a doctor and/or chiropractor? The chiropractor I am working with, who specialized in Active Release Techniques, says I have intercostal neuritis and said that a few treatments should be able to address the problem by working/removal of adhesions/knots/ scar tissue and then core strengthening exercises and flexibility. [...]

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A: Here’s a website where you can buy it:
Q: wendy v please help i dont know were to buy this xylocaine jelly and i need it for 2nd october.?please help i have looked everywere but only can get it from usa, i need somewere closer to have it in time.
A: Sammy lucky I was looking [...]