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A: robaxin is a muscle relaxer. is it possible your doctor thinks your headaches could be coming from your upper back or maybe tense muscles in your shoulders? if you are in the U S you need a perscription for robaxin. call the doctors office and ask for a clarification. normally you can speak with the nurse for clarification.

good luck.

Q: Okay i need help fast i think a friend is trying to rip me off?
My friend tried selling me some of his METHOCARBAM aka ROBAXIN i did not buy them so dont judge me i used to be addicted to prescription drugs now i am in pain and i think if i ask my doctor he wont believe….So if i was to buy would these stop my pain and relax my muscles and how much are they worth a pop!!!!

A: wtf don’t buy it. your were ADDICTED that means you need to STOP

Q: ultram vs darvocet and other meds.?
I have BAD back probs.. 3 compression fractures. I have some darvocets and ultram laying around… neither really help :(
can i mix these? im desperate..
so desperate i was offered 20MG of methadone.. it helped some all day.
See, they said i need surgery. I don’t have the 30 grand they want for it.. I don’t know what to do. I break the law for pain relief.. no one has anything i can buy.. well pot. will that help?

I also have kratom.. well i just finished it off. I have some robaxin it doesn’t help either :(

I was taking 80MG of oxycontin at a time up to 180MG a day.
one day i took 5 40MG oxy’s because i was hurting bad and wanted to die so i wouldn’t hurt anymore… it helped the pain and i just had a buzz. I have a VERY high tolerance.
The dr. wont see me because i can’t pay for surgery.. im working on medicaid because i can’t work.
I’m 20 and can’t do anything much :( it makes me so depressed.
What can I do? what will help the most? what combination’s?
Any herbal better than kratom?

Please answer ASAP… please.
I’ve been going through this hell for a year and a half.
Also.. i didn’t get to see my answers to the other questions somehow they got deleted.
PLEASE don’t click report abuse. I am NOT trying to get high. I want to have pain relief so i can do something.. anything.
Thanks for all the answers. I NEVER take something without knowing what I am doing. I took a low dose of methadone for all day pain relief.. i only tried it once. I took 20MG.
I just want this to go away… I’m only 20 years old.
It’s really depressing ya know? I have so much stress and anxiety that it caused me to have a seizure. Ended up in the E.R had no idea how i got there. I hadn’t had any drugs except tramadol and lyrica (i have a script for both)
I’m trying my best to get this taken care of. I need fusion surgery on 3 vertebrae.. It’s literally hell on earth pain that bad. I don’t have a dr. really. So i can’t get a decent RX until i get something done.
I really am doing the best that I can with all this.

again, thanks…


A: Hey there,

First of all, please don’t go use methadone without a RX. That is really dangerous and can be fatal if taken with the wrong combination of drugs. As for your pain, you don’t generally want to mix ultram with darvocet because they are both the same ‘type’ of pain med. I would consider taking the darvocet along with prescription strength Ibuprofen to help bump up the strength. If that isn’t controlling your pain then you NEED to be reevaluated by a physician.

As for surgery, there are many programs out there to help with assistance for those who cannot afford surgery but need it. You should look into the various programs out there to help individuals in your place. Don’t allow your financial situation to determine the level of health care you receive!

Also, ice may help a lot with your discomfort. Try to take it easy and keep off your feet. Again, if your pain isn’t being controlled by your RX then you need to be evaluated by a physician. A muscle relaxant may be very helpful also. Hope you feel better soon.

Q: My brother has a problem with pills?
Ok my brother just turned 18 a week ago hes to young to drink hes been spending all his money on alcohol for the last past couple months hes been lieing to me my family and friends. Hes been hanging out with the wrong people my family and his friends our worried hes stopped drinking for about a month now. So his girlfriend broke up with him because of all the alcohol abuse and hes depressed so the doctor put him on an anti-depressant he took it for a few days and stoped taking it really i don’t want him on a ant-depressant anyway. Well my mom has valium she gave him some to help him sleep and help with the alcohol withdrawls hes been taking to many and i have darvocet N-100 and he wants me to give him a few i take them for my sinus and head pain and iam not going to give him any it’s like hes substituting pills with alcohol i just want my old brother back he used to be on the go perked up now hes depressed cause of his girlfriend. My brother always lies to us so were just going to keep him home and not go out with his friends until hes drys out and cleans up i try to talk to him and he says i don’t want to hear it i don’t want him going to a bad road iam his older brother i went down a bad road with pain pill cause i had 3 surgerys but i only take pain pills really at night to help the pain and get sleep. Iam 19 his older brother we used to be so close now hes not the same and iam telling some of his friends to the ones who got him into drinking and me and some of his friends that our worried will help me get them away from my brother no drinking and after his valium is gone thats it no narcotics for him uless he breaks a leg or something serious. Iam going to hide my narcotic meds he does take robaxin for his back he got hit by a car and messed up his back but hes ok cause he works out and is in shape he takes the robaxin at night or when he works out but he takes like 3 pills at once even knowing there not a narcotic they can still be addicting anything can be addicting. I would rather have him addicted to working out and exerciseing. I know he is alittle depressed cause we lost our home but were getting back on our feet my dad bought him a $400 guitar a epeiphone les paul hes great at guitar but now he dosen’t play as much as he used to. He even lies about going to school he hasen’t went in 3 weeks maybe a couple days in the weeks but it’’s bad his conulers knows hes going through a rough time so shes ok with it but he need to start going it’s his last year and hes gullible his friends talk him into stuff and when he goes out i will be there to watch him to no smoking and no drinking after his valium is gone he has 10 left to help him sleep no more but if his back really hurts i will give him a darvocet or vicodin at night only once in awhile thats all. But i just want my brother back the hyped up one.And he wants to go for walks and listne ot his mp3 player to get things off his mind ge paces i really thing he just syas that to go get a drink or something at his friends house want reall y pisses me off is everytime he would come home he would hurry put is clothes in the washing machine and then take a shower. Sorry for the long paragraph and probably some missed spelled words i wanted to get some good answers quick.

But i need some advice to help him out we do have a rehab near us iam not sure though i do support him and try to talk to him i don’t want him in rehab he just needs to dry out and hang out with his old friend and iam going to tell his asshole bad influance friends to stay away cause they drink and smoke weed no more. But could anyone give me and my brother some advice he dosen’t know iam wrighting this hes sleeping.

A: Dont enable him. Tell him to read what you wrote, it’ll help. Anyone can start drugs, it’s hard to kick ‘em.

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