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Buy Xylocaine

A: Here’s a website where you can buy it:

Q: wendy v please help i dont know were to buy this xylocaine jelly and i need it for 2nd october.?
please help i have looked everywere but only can get it from usa, i need somewere closer to have it in time.


A: Sammy lucky I was looking in here.
What I hear is it’s prescription only in the USA. Here in Australia you just have to ask the chemist for it. I didn’t know this when I suggested it to you.
I can buy you some here but there are Laws about sending out certain medications in the mail. I don’t know if this is one.
But through a little research I have found out it’s only PBS presciptions that are illegal to mail out overseas. That’s Governement subsidised medication. But it still could be illegal.
You can try buying it on line. I have never done that before but there are a number of sites that do sell it in the US without a prescription.

I just had a look and there is a site called 77 Canada Pharmacy online. They send to the US.
The address is
It costs $21.99 US.They call it Lidocaine not Xylocaine which could explain why it is presciption only over there. But that’s more expensive than Australian prices and usually you have cheaper things.
You can also buy the Emla cream I was talking about for $11.49 for a tiny, tiny tube or $47.99 for the normal sized tube. This is the one that will completly numb the area so you can’t feel anything though.
I might order myself some it’s so cheap. Not what you need it for though.

Q: Does anyone know were i can buy xylocaine jelly.?
i have looked everywere please help.

A: Rx. only in USA…check with pharmacist, tho.

Q: Where to buy Xylocaine?
I have an idea what this is but could you explain to me in a little more also where can this be purchased with no perscription? or is it over the counter?

A: have your doctor write a prescription -the only way it can be purchased in the US.

Q: Has Floyd Mayweather Jr. really ever used Xylocaine?
I am sure by now that most have read the article from Leonard Ellerbe saying that the talk of Floyd using numbing medication for his hands is a rumor and never happened. If not here ya go.

Someone else tried to use this video as proof that Floyd does. Not very credible if we don’t hear it from the source.

I tried to remember back when Floyd said he used Xylocaine or read an interview where he admits to using it. And I don’t remember anything. In all the episodes of 24/7 we never saw any times of him being injected. (Though we saw Billy Graham was for his training with Ricky Hatton.) Never has any interviewer asked if Floyd was using. You would figure that would be a topic for discussion. We saw him go to a specialist where he got his hands dipped in some kind of plaster. It seems like we all just bought the rumor because it seemed understandable since he does have occasional hand problems. I don’t know, has anyone seen or read where he admits to using Xylocaine? Post a link because I would like to see it.

A: Yes.

Q: have you ever tried our new Floyd Chicken Fingers?
welcome to the floyd mayweather restaurant. we have a new meal on our menu. its called the floyd chicken fingers, it also comes with xylocaine sauce and with a drink. you can also pick what kind of chicken you want, grilled or crispy. all that for just for $4.99 for a bucket of 20 pieces, sauce, and a drink. so come on and buy some, and remember. “WE DO CHICKEN RIGHT”

A: “El Pollo Hoto” try this if you’re ever in Mexico. Floyd owns it too.

Q: the guru’s previous question: on it says he wants to fight one you guys and KO you out.?

this guys says he move side to side, use his legs for footwork, back away and counter. man this guy is dreaming. what a JOKE. he probably bought an A-side meth from roger mayweather. before he fights, he’ll probably put xylocaine in his hands. LOL. my thoughts, he is just angry cause all sorts of bad things has been done by mayweather.
here is a few of those bad things:
-accuse pacquiao without proof
-calls manny and every foreigner a liar and a cheater (that’s racism by the way)
-most previous one, he lied to the cops about his involvement with a murderer (ocie harris).

sad part about this, there is more coming.

your thoughts

A: Guru of lies.

Q: Does anyone know were i can buy xylocaine jelly.?
i have looked everywere please help. i need this asap


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