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A: mrs dewey, i like you so much, please stay here i enjoy reading your post. anyway, anyone here missed khalil j?

Q: What’s the difference between Aneshtetic Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Prilocaine, and Xylocaine Creams?
What’s the difference between Aneshtetic Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Prilocaine, and Xylocaine Creams? What is the best way to use this? external use or internal use? I know they are all Numbing Creams or what i mean was a numbing agents. How does these work? Kindly Help Me Guys Please, and I’m looking for a great suppliers, Thanks.

A: I think you have to contract a proper suppliers that provides you better suggestion about these products for various wholesale suppliers try suppliers of various creams products and also leading in manufacturing or research in search engines.

Q: What are the side affects of using expired xylocaine?
We found a vial of expired xylocaine in my Mawmaw’s stuff when she died and we were trying to see what would happen if you were to use it (on an animal not a human). I know some things have expiration dates but they don’t really expire…
I should clarify that I am a vet tech (yes I am a vet tech and don’t know the answer) and we have a large farm with cows, pigs, dogs, cats etc… that require occasional stitching.

A: Throw it out. You can’t get drugs much cheaper than lidocaine (the generic for Xylocaine). Seriously, I buy 50cc vials of the stuff for about 85 cents each. (That’s 2% without epinephrine). The bottle it’s in likely costs more than the drug does.

Q: Do you think Mayweather still use the drug called xylocaine to numb his hand so he can punch harder?
The drug called xylocaine has been banned in all state except Nevada where Floyd Mayweather reside. If he want to clean the sport of boxing it should start with him. Pacquiao has been clean for 10 years as tested by the Nevada Athletic Commision.

A: No, he’s using it so he can punch.
Not necessarily harder but just to punch w/o
feeling pain. I suspect his hands are either arthritic
or became brittle from steroids use.

Q: If Floyd Mayweather Cannot Train Without Xylocaine What More During His Fights?
I am concern, why does the governing body doesn’t test for xylocaine which is illegal 1 week before the fight? If Floyd has brittle hands and continue using it in his training, what more during the fight? He needs it more than in training.. Floyd simply a cheater?

A: Cannot Train Without Xylocaine, that’s a good point.

Maybe Floyd is addicted to this XYLOCCAINE.

Q: Will Floyd Mayweather ever interested in fighting in any other state or just Nevada since Xylocaine is legal?
I heard Xylocaine is legal in Nevada and Floyd Mayweather is always favored to win in any unanimous decession fight that he’s in even if he’s the losing end..All the ducking and cherry picking and the Xylocaines and home court advantages, no wonder he’s 40-0! Lol!

A: I agree 100%.
Have a star!

Q: Should Xylocaine be legalized in Olympics and all 50 states so Commissioner Floyd can fight anywhere out of LV?
Mayweather uses Xylocaine steroids which is UNFAIRLY banned by USADA and the Olympics and also by 49 states. Nevada bans its use 2 weeks before the fight. That is UNFAIR! Commissioner Floyd uses that steroids so he can feel no pain in his brittle hands.

A: Floyd wants a clean fight but he uses xylocaine which is banned in the Olympics.
Floyd wants money but he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao for 40 million dollars under the rules of NSAC.
Floyd wants to be the best P4P fighter but he doesn’t want to fight the best.

Floyd should retire and join the commission if he really wants to change rules.

Q: Using Luvox and Xylocaine at the same time?
I am on luvox (fluvoxamine) and bought some Xylocaine ointment today for future use. It is a 5% topical lidocaine.
In the info sheet inside it, it has a warning about taking them together, but does not say if one shouldnt at all, or if it just makes one or both not work as well, or what the negative side effects will be.
I have tried looking online for answers,but all I could find was too medical jargon for me to understand.

A: that is exactly why you should put these questions to your doctor.

Q: How many rounds will Floyd last without xylocaine? Can he punch at all without xylocaine?
Will he fight without xylocaine?

It’s supposed to be well known he has brittle hands and uses xylocaine.

So why is he a great boxer?

hand problems? is floyd damaged goods? is this why he does not fight bigger guys?

if you remove the handicap of pain with a painkiller– how does that make you a great fighter?

A: Not rounds but punches. I say 1st punch then ouch!

Best answer please.

Q: Mayweather takes xylocaine to alleviate pain from his hands, is that considered a PED?
If this guy can punch without feeling pain, isn’t that enhancing his performance?

A: yes it is. remember from what he say that he has hurt his hand many time in the fight or even broken it cause with the drug he can punch the shit out of his opponent and beat them. So without his drug he ain’t shiitt, he has no power!

Q: How many more boxers boxing in Nevada will start using this PED… xylocaine?
Now that its out of the bag that xylocaine does give a boxer an advangtage and is legal in Nevada, how many boxers in Nevada will start using this PED…

A: I hate to say it becuz Im such a big Mayweather fan and whether I like it or not? Floyd maywether has been CHEATING since 2000 getting a clear advangtage over his opponent by using that PED wheteher that PED is legal or not in that damm state. I am thru following this CHEATER!! I will BOYCOTT all his fight from here on out. This guy is a bigger disgrace than Briggs!!

Q: Is there a difference between PCP and Xylocaine use in boxing?
The boxing commissions better take a look at this because this is the new PED of the future. Boxers these days will start injecting this on their face.

Today I’m starting a crusade on yahoo answers to get rid of these “Syringe Heads” from the sport.

A: ? You hear that…?

… Crickets

Q: What would happen to Fraud mayweather if NSAC bans the PED xylocaine?
Will Fraud go back to retirement?

A: Hey Nitwits! Xylocaine makes you impervious to pain, thus it is a Performance Enhancing Drug. You hit harder if you dont feel any pain. Get it!!! Stop denying this bull!! Actually, I prefer Mayweather to keep on takin it, so when Manny punches a hole in his head, Mayweather wont feel it.

Q: Who will win between the boxer that uses plaster vs the boxer that injects Xylocaine?
I wonder who have the iron hand.

A: plastered hand wins as if you where to use xylocaine which is for numbing and pain, with that you can permanently damage your hand for good since you couldn’t tell if your hand is broken cause you would be to numb to feel it. besides that it is legal to use in the state of nevada and can’t be used the week before a fight if i not mistaking.

Q: How to apply Xylocaine jelly to your vagina area, to help have pain free sex.?
My gyno prescribed me this, to help me… stretch myself i guess, and to have pain free sex, I am a virgin, 18 years old, and i’m just curious if anyone knows a good way to use this, or the best to apply, and where to apply?

A: Did you not get an instruction leaflet with the meds ? You are best following that.

Do you have a very strong hymen ? The gel works by numbing the pain slightly, so when your hymen tears, it will not hurt so much. Apply the gel to the opening of your vagina, a little inside, and the surrounding area. No need to go as high as your clitoris, although when you start having sex, the gel will get spread around.

Are you using this with your partner, or solo ? Either way, get very aroused first. Your partner can perform oral before you apply the gel to yourself. Also, put some on the condom. If you are using a toy, maybe put some on that too.

Get to know your body – use a mirror and have a look down there, so you know where everything is. See the diagrams here -

Good luck.

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