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A: Ask a doctor or pharmacist…

Q: How long does it take for Mirapex to get into your system?
I just got put on Mirapex for Restless Legs Syndrome…does anyone know how long it takes for it to be effective? It seems to be helping…but it has only been one night. Im not sure if that is just by chance or not. Any ideas? Thanks, Heather

A: Medications such as this should take one-two weeks before you notice any significant improvement. It also depends on the severity of your symptoms. RLS ( Restless Leg Syndrome) is a relatively new disorder. If your symptoms persist or worsen, call your Doc that prescibed the medicine.I hope this helps and Good Luck. P.S. did you receive an information sheet from the pharmacy where you had the prescription filled??

Q: Anyone know what kinds of side effects there are with Mirapex and alcohol with heavy usage of marijuana?
By the way, it is not me who is taking this combination of things…I am asking so I can help a good friend who is engaging in this kind of activity.

A: I don’t know…and I don’t care to find out. I can tell you this…you are playing with fire and your life. Mirapex (or any medication) should NEVER be used in combination with alcohol or drugs…never ever ever.

If you are using alcohol or drugs, DO NOT take the Mirapex.

Yes, Mirapex is effective…I use it myself, having suffered from RLS for many years. It works…but I do not drink or use drugs at all…EVER.

If you keep us using, you might me or someone like me breaking down your front door and rushing in to save your life (assuming that you could be saved).


If this isn’t about you, then I apologize…but for whoever is it about…they are really taking a chance.

Q: My doctor prescribed me Mirapex for Restless Leg Syndrome – is this safe to take with my Ambien?
I’ve really never liked taking medicines like this, but sometimes you get to the point where you breakdown and ask for help from your doctor. I’m a little worried about taking the two together, despite my doctor saying it was fine as long as it’s taken responsibly.

Could you give me your experiences?

A: If you dont believe your doctor Why ask on YA

Q: I have RLS and I am on Mirapex and Magnisum and zinc any other ways to help naturaly?
I have tried the bar of soap and exercise(which seems to make it worse) and warm baths, massage, and lavender/oil based lotion(calming).

A: It sounds like you’re using the main things that would help Restless Legs, so if those aren’t working, you may need to consult with a specialist. The only other thing I’ve ever heard of was a Homeopathic formula or two that were specifically for Restless Legs (I think they both had that in the name)… you should be able to find something like that in your local health food store. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Q: Is there a lawsuit for people who have Parkinsons and is on Mirapex and also has a gambling addiction?

A: Who would you sue? Your Parkinsons’ doctor, your mirapex doctor, the casino or all of the above?

To answer the question, no.

Most “sober” addicts I’ve known say that the first step to recovery is accepting responsibility for your actions.

Q: What are dosage levels for Mirapex? Is it dangerous to take a higher dosage for RLS?

A: For RLS, dosage runs from o,125mg to 0.5mg.

Higher doses of any medicine increases the risks of side effects.

Q: I take 60mg of Cymbalta for fibromaylgia & Mirapex for RLS pain. Can I also take Sam-e?
I Have fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome. Can’t find anything that helps for the pain. I take Cymbalta and Mirapex. Can I safely try Sam-e for pain?

A: From what I have been told-it is NOT recommended to take SAMe with medications in the SSRI, SNRI classes

Q: i am now taking 2mg mirapex daily if i double dose would i be able to dance?
be able to dance at my anniversary party?

A: u should never take more than ordered
ask your doctor or drug store

Q: I have been on Mirapex for a yr. and all of sudden have starting having cavities. Has anyone else had this?
My dentist thinks it is because it makes your mouth so dry. That is the only change I have made was taking the Mirapex.

A: Yes, dry mouth or “Xerostomia” is a very common cause for cavities :

Q: Anyone with experience with the drug Mirapex?
I’m just starting (titrate to 200mg), and it seems like the side effects listed by the manufacturer could be different for different people. So far I’ve been a little sleepy. Any thoughts or advice from your experience?

A: I haven’t any experience with it, but I’ve found a link that you may find interesting. It’s user comments and ratings on Mirapex. : )

Q: Can anyone help find a lawyer to deal with requip case parallel to mirapex and permax?
Parkinsons drug inducing catastrophic compulsions that ruin marriages and peoples lives.

A: I don’t know what area you live in, but, type in Martindale Hubble in a search engine and you will find a site that will allow you to find lawyers and law firms by location, firm size, particular practice and so forth. Good luck. Make sure they don’t ask for any money up front. Their fee should be based on whether you win anything or not and no more than a 1/3.

Q: How long has mirapex been on the market?
In my case used for pain

A: Barry – Mirapex, produced by Pharmacia & Upjohn, was first approved for marketing in June 1997 for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Mirapex (pramipexole) is the first Parkinson’s agent approved by the FDA since Somerset’s monoamine oxidase inhibitor Eldepryl in 1989. Mirapex, a non-ergot D3 dopamine agonist, is approved for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease.

Q: Mirapex or Requip dosage for depression?
My doctor and I are trying to figure out what is the best dose of either Mirapex or Requip to use for depression. On the web there are a few posts but most are a huge range of doses. I would like to hear from anyone who used these meds for depression and succeeded or a doctor who knows what doses to use. Again, I am taking this to my doctor for review before any action is taken. Thanks!

A: Mirapex (Pramipexole Dihydrochloride) and Requip (ropinirole) are supposed to ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, a disorder that causes muscle rigidity, weakness, shaking, tremors and difficulty walking or talking. Both medications have recently been linked to gambling addiction and compulsive behavior.

Mirapex and Requip are supposed to have the same effect on your body as the naturally occurring chemical dopamine. The drugs works by amplifying the effect of whatever dopamine is available in the body. Lower levels of dopamine in the brain are associated with Parkinson’s disease. Mirapex and Requip are used to treat the symptoms of this terrible disease, however a number of side effects have recently been linked to the drug.

Mirapex & Requip Side Effects:

?Obsessive compulsive behavior
?Abnormal dreams
?Chest Pain
?Difficulty breathing/walking
?Vision abnormalities
Mirapex and Requip have also been linked to decreased blood pressure, resulting in the following symptoms: nausea, fainting, blackouts and profuse sweating. Mirapex has also been known to cause drowsiness and can trigger hallucinations. There have been several reports of people falling asleep (without any notice) while performing everyday functions.

Mirapex less common side effects:
Decreased sex drive, delusions, difficulty swallowing, fever, general feeling of illness, impotence, inability to hold urine, muscle spasms or twitching, pneumonia, skin disorders, thinking abnormalities, uncontrollable restlessness, unfounded suspicions and weight loss.

Mirapex rare side effects:
Abnormal ejaculation, abnormal heartbeat, agitation, blood clots, blood in urine, blood circulation problems, convulsions, difficult or painful urination, enlarged abdomen, eye disorders, heart attack, heart problems, joint problems, lung problems, mental illness, muscular problems, prostate problems, severe chest pain (angina) and thirst.

If you or a loved one have been injured by Mirapex or Requip, contact us immediately at 800.966.4999 and see why our law firm has recovered over $100 million on behalf of our clients

Both drugs are not drugs of choices for depression. Requip is usually given for RLS

Q: Anyone tried Mirapex(pramipexole) or other dopamine agonists for depression?
Because it seems logical that if Dopamine D3 receptors play a major role in mood and reward, then you should try directly stimulating them.

A: Even though dopamine plays a major role in mood and reward, it does not compare to the effects of serotonin. Dopamine agonists have been tried but have not been as sucessful as the tri-cyclics and SSRI`s. Also, the side effect profiles of these drugs are dangerous including early exposure to extra pyramidal symptoms (dyskinesias, insomnia, tremors, dystonias etc) as well as hallucinations. These drugs are best left to treat Parkinsons and more research is needed.

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