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Drysol Deodorant

A: Yes, it will work as well as it does anywhere else.
Q: What type of deodorant should you use with Drysol?Im not sure if you should use deodorant when using drysol but i wanna anyway. what kind of deodorant works best?
I use Ban, but only because that’s what’s in my house. [...]


A: I went to my dermatologist and he perscribed it to me. Just tell your dermatologist that you are interested in using drysol and have them look at your hands. They will most likely say yes. Just be very careful-if you have an open cut on your hands, don’t risk it and put it on, [...]

Drysol Online

(because in canada, drysol can be bought without a prescription) I really don’t want to have to have an aquward convo with my doctor about this because I am a teen and its just embaressing i guess…lol anyway is this legal to buy a prescription anti-perspirant online from canada? PLEASE HELP!
A: don’t get any of [...]

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A: you can contact a doctor and he can speed up the process for surgery so insurance will cover it. you need to be doing more than just one thing too. botox, medications, antiperspirants, therapy, whatever. the more you do the more insurance will cover it based on your history and need.

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Thank you so much!
Oh! and Happy Valentines Day!
A: happy valentines to you , you can buy it over the counter and you don’t need a prescription for it best of luck
Q: Can i buy drysol with out a prescription at walmart or rite aid or some thing?
A: Drysol is a prescription-strength antiperspirant, but it [...]