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Drysol Online

(because in canada, drysol can be bought without a prescription) I really don’t want to have to have an aquward convo with my doctor about this because I am a teen and its just embaressing i guess…lol anyway is this legal to buy a prescription anti-perspirant online from canada? PLEASE HELP!

A: don’t get any of that but try certain-dry.its 4 underarms. Its only like 5 bucks and u can get it at walmart. It worked very well for me.Im a teen as well. the first time u put it on it will sting but after a while it goes away. it might itch 2 but put moisturizer on ur underarms.maybe that’s just me, but after awhile of using it it wont sting or anything.but it worked very well for me i never sweat at all.u can put it on every 3 days b4 u go 2 bed. its not an antiperspirant and u can get it on the shelves of walmart where the deodorants are located. use it with a deodorant. I don’t know if drysol works, but i wouldnt take any chances with the Drysol buying it without a prescription. try certain-dry first. hope it works for you!

Q: How do i buy a medical product online without using a credit card?
I need a product called Drysol for sweaty hands and i really need it but my parents are fussy about credit cards. Is it possible to get a doctor to order it for you? I live in Australia and its only sold in the US

A: Unless you use an online check, I don’t think you can. There’s Paypal and things similar to it, but if I’m not mistaken, those require a credit card to get set up. You can also get a prepaid credit card.
ps I don’t blame your parents because I put in my credit card # on and they’ve been taking unauthorizrd transactions.

Q: What is the best prescripted anti-antiperspirant?
What is the best prescription anti-perspirant? I have read online about Drysol, Klima, etc. Can someone tell me the best one in their experience?
Is Drysol really as irritating as people say?

A: drysol i use it and love it

Q: were do they sale drysol dab-on on a local store?
ive been looking for drysol dab-on in wallgreens and i cant find it! UGH! dose this mean i have to buy it online? or were could i find a local store that sells this product??

A: I would try the pharmacy sections of Walmart and Target. You might find it there. If not, online might be your only option.

Q: Drysol versus Certain Dri ??
Ok. Here’s the deal . I’m an excessive sweater. I sweat through 2 shirts and a sweatshirt on bad days. I did some research and it came up that the best solutions are Certain Dri or Drysol . I noticed that both are availible online even though it says they’re prescription drugs. I was wondering which of the two to buy and which kind because there seem to be a lot of variations.

A: Drysol hands down, I have them both Drysol.

Q: should i use drysol? please help?
i just bought drysol because i sweat so much under my armpits. But i read online that people experiance irritation. Does this happen to everyone? can i prevent it? is it really irritating? does it go away after awhile?
i really want to know before i use it. if anyone has any answers to some of these questions please help.

A: If you have sensitive skin, you may get irritated. it won’t be unbearable.. just try it out. If you experience irritation, stop using it.

Don’t use it right after shaving your armpits. If you shave at night, wait until the morning after to apply the antiperspirant… but the bottom line is that if you;re going to have a reaction to it, you;re going to have a reaction. there’s not much you can do unfortunately lol.

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