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A: I went to my dermatologist and he perscribed it to me. Just tell your dermatologist that you are interested in using drysol and have them look at your hands. They will most likely say yes. Just be very careful-if you have an open cut on your hands, don’t risk it and put it on, because it has aluminum in it which is very dangerous.

Q: DRYSOL??!??!?!??!??!?!?
Okay so I heard of Drysol when I look up “how to stop sweating” on Google. Just a quick update about my problem: i’ve been sweating profously in my underarms since the end of 6th grade(i’m now in 9th), it has almost completely ruined my confidence, i have cryed almost every night (on days i see friends like school) since last year. i’m actaully a really talkative person but people think i’m shy, but well talking and laughing makes me sweat even yeah i’ve basically been in a shell. anyone who knows anything about drysol will probably know what i mean.

so, just a few questions. 1) does it work? 2) does it have to be prescribed? 3)should i ask my doctor about it? 4) if i use it could i wear a cute pink or purple or blue or orange t-shirt (which i haven’t been able to wear for years)?!?!
it pisses me off when people think i’m exaggerating, IM NOT! I’ve tried almost every anti-persperant on the shelf. Probably spent about $50 on it.

A: I’ve had the same problem. I sweated badly during my junior high and high school years, it has improved over time for me and hopefully for you as well.
**All these answers are on a personal basis
1)It works very well, and it is to be put on at night. But the bad thing is that it burns, not literally but I had troubles sleeping when I put it on because of the pain.
2) I got it over the counter. Just asked the pharmacist about it.
3) I didn’t but if your afraid it is always a good idea.
4) When I used it I could wear stuff that actually fit properly again.

FYI. There are clinical deodorants now from secret, dove etc. Its not as strong but it depends on the person. it could work.

Q: ……Drysol?
Where can I buy Drysol? Is it prescribed or can I just buy it? Please help.

A: It used to be a prescription item. Call your pharmacy to find out. The chain stores might be clueless. If you have any independent pharmacies in your area they might be able to give you an intelligent answer.

Q: After using Drysol i start to sweat does this happen to you?
I did everything drysol’s instructions said blow dried waited and then put on saran wrap and stuff but i useally dont fall asleep till 20 mins after and during those 20 mins i start to sweat does this happen to anyone else? Does this ruin the whole affect of Drysol?

A: i use drysol on my under arms and the only way it works is if you dont listen to the instructions at all!
heres what to do.
1) put the drysol wherever it is needed.
2) let it air dry! do not blow dry or put suran wrap on! dont do anything else but let it air dry!
3) go to sleep. you may get a lil itchy where you applied the drysol but try not to scratch it! it will wear away the drysol and it wont work!
4) if your using this constantly you have to put it on every night for at least 2-3 days. your body has to take affect to this product and it will not magically happen overnight. keep using it for a few days, then stop using it to see if its taken affect. the sweating will continue if you dont continue to put it on whenever needed for a couple of days!

I hope this helps you! Instructions are so silly sometimes..oh and the sweating you got after the putting on the drysol was probally from blowdrying it putting suran wrap on…hot air does make you sweat more and suran wrap can block it from drying! try my methods and see if it works for you! all the best! good luck!

Q: What is the recommended dosage for drysol?
I bought drysol from Canada and i am not sure how much i should use. I am using it on my underarms. Any idea?

A: Use the dabber thing that comes with it, and just lightly dab all over your underarms, I do a light coating because it really stings the first few times that you use it. Also, make sure to wash that area before you put it on and again in the morning.

Q: What is the purpose for saran wrap when you use drysol?
I’m using drysol now for my arms. And it says to wrap your arm pits with saran wrap for 3 nights. I’m just wondering is it really necessary?

A: I personally don’t think it’s necessary. I’ve been using dry-sol for a couple years now and I’ve never wrapped my arms. I always put the medication on at night though, and i sleep in a tank top sleeveless shirt. But it’s worked just fine for me without wrapping the armpits.

Q: How do you get a stain from Drysol off of clothes ?
My friend uses Drysol, and when she wore a blue t-shirt to bed it stained the armpits a greenish-yellow color. She always asks me how to remove stains, but I’m stuck on this one !

Would something like Shout remove the stain, or should she just wash it normally ? Please help me to help her : )

A: use the Tide pen if its a small stain..

Q: Where can I buy drysol that shipping to canada and using paypal method?
Where can I buy drysol (online drugs store) that shipping to canada and using paypal method?

A: You can try this website, pretty sure they have some

Q: Can someone tell me about Drysol antiperspirant instructions?
I want to buy the antiperspirant Drysol, but i’ve seen two different products. One is the Dab-o-matic, and the other is the Drysol 20% solution. My question is, do I buy one or the other? Or do I have to buy both of them and use them together? And are there any additional items I must purchase to use in conjunction with Drysol (i.e. seran wrap). I can’t find this information on the web. Please help!

A: didn’t know those were over the counter..
but regardless, the dab-o-matic is a liquid in a bottle that has a sponge ( looks kinda like a shoe polish bottle) that you use at night, you dont need seran wrap, you jsut need to let it dry before you go to bed.
you only need one :)
and you don’t need any other items.

Q: Anyone use Drysol for their hands or feet?
I want to ask my doctor for drysol for sweaty palms and feet. But I noticed you can just get it on Amazon I assume without a prescription. Anyways, all the reviews for Drysol are by people using it for their underarms, has anyone had any luck with palmar hiperhydrosis?

A: Nope, the only thing that even mildly helped for my hands/feet was the botox, but even that was only moderate… tried the drysol with no luck, but it was fantastic for my underarms! Hyperhidrosis is such a cruel bitch, I’m sorry you’re suffering from it too <3

Q: Is the perscription drug Drysol used for sweaty hands?
My hands sweat excessively, I believe I have hyperhydrosis since I’ve done a bunch of research on it. Today I went to see a doctor at a clinic, I asked about Drysol, she told me that Drysol isn’t used for the hands or feet.
So I ask, what is Drysol used for?I researched more and it seems people use Drysol of their hands….So what’s going on?
I thought it was kind of used for all needed areas. Personally when I read that about Drysol, I didn’t mind having socks on my hands while if it would stop my hands from sweating. But thanks, I didn’t know it was primarily for armpits.
So trying would be better then not knowing right?

A: I think its more commonly used for your armpits….but I once heard someone say they applied it lightly, wrapped their hands in plastic wrap and went to bed. If you can sleep with socks on top of them, you will be more comfortable! It says you can use it for excessive sweating. It doesn’t say where you can or cant apply it.

Q: Where can I buy Drysol and for how much?
on a previous question i stated that i had overactive sweat glands under my arms. and one answer told be to get over the counter Drysol. i was wondering where to buy this and how much it will cost.


A: You can buy it off of the Drysol website or off of eBay for about twenty five to thirty dollars.

Q: I have Hyperhidrosis and drysol doesn’t work anymore, what else is there?
I have used Drysol for about 2 years now and starting about 2 months ago, the product doesn’t seem to work as much anymore. My symptoms are returning. What else can I use?

A: Try Certain Dri. Iontophoresis works well too on palmer (hand) and plantar (feet) hyperhidrosis.

On top of your deodorant, try using an antibacterial soap in the shower and exfoliate your underarms. It helps.

There’s a link to learn about Iontophoresis below.

Q: I have a question about using Drysol on my hands?
I have moderately sweaty hands, not horrible but not something to display. Anyways, so I have the Drysol and I’m gonna start using it on my hands. I heard it’s better to use it at night due to itching, but I have a slight problem. I wash my face in the morning, but I don’t want this stuff on my face. Should I just use it at night anyways or just before I leave for school in the morning? Thanks!

A: if you like it, you should use that thing only in the night
what can i say… it`s only if you like it

Q: Can you get drysol antiperspirant at a store without a prescription?
is it availible at a store like walmart or walgreens? do you need a perscription to get it?

A: Heey,
first of all, I want to say that this product will change your life. It changed mine, I looove mine =) totally stopped my sweating. If you haven’t already, look up more info about it though. Anywaaaay, I was going to get a prescription from the doctor clinic but it’s a really crappy clinic so my mom and I ended up going to Coopers (grocery store with a pharmacy in it) and I just ordered it from there it’s about $30ish dollars.

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