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A: ask the doc that prescribed it. panti liners are comforting.

Q: I opened up a bondage shop; “Ur-In-Trouble”, but senior citizens are getting the wrong idea. What should I do?
I opened up a bondage shop downtown about a week ago called Ur-In-Trouble. About 60% of my customers are confused and dissapointed senior citizens looking for Depends and prescriptions for Detrol L.A. (treatment for frequent urination).

My business partner and I didn’t even stop to think about the double meaning for the shops name, and we would change it, but we’ve already spent over $7,000 for the neon sign for the building.

Should I just start selling adult diapers in the corner of the shop? Maybe start buying some more senior citizen related bondage items to appease the senior citizens in my town?

Any suggestions are welcome…..

A: You know, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Take advantage of all the foot traffic by giving a senior citizen discount. Consider having a “senior citizen bondage festival” day, and ask an expert, someone well versed in the art of senior bondage, say someone like Hattie Old Jacques, to come in for the day and have a demonstration.
This could be your niche market just waiting for your product.

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