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Detrol LA

A: Hi “WenWen”! I am including a link to a site which will give you information on this drug. Here is a part of what the article says:

“When it comes to seeing results, everyone is different. Some people’s symptoms begin to improve as soon as the first week that they take DETROL LA. Most patients continue to improve as they take DETROL LA for several months. So, if you just started taking DETROL LA, be sure to give it a full chance to work. Also make sure to keep taking DETROL LA for as long as your doctor prescribes. If you stop taking DETROL LA, your symptoms may return.”

I sure will be praying the medicine starts taking effect real soon! Love you!!! :)

Q: Is Detrol LA a short term treatment or once you start taking it you have to continue for life?
I recently went to my regular doctor where he put me on three different types of antibiotics treating me for a UTI, after three weeks I was still having problems so he referred me to a urologist, The urologist had me get a CT scan to check to see if I had a kidney stone stuck in a tube that was pressing against my bladder. Due to me having to use the restroom every 10 minutes he had me start on Detrol LA. The CT came back negative but he did not give me any other information of what my problem might be and I was not sure about the Detrol LA whether it is just a short term med or is this something I will need to continue with from here on.

A: Detrol LA causes a constriction of the vein and muscle feeding the sphincter. This results in a decreased urgency. Usually this is a temporary problem, but only the urologist could answer your question of continuation.

Q: Would Lasix cause my Detrol LA not work as effectively?
I take 40 mg a day of Lasix and the 4 mg of Detrol LA isn’t working as effectively.

A: They don’t have a direct interaction.

Lasix is a diuretic and only works on the kidneys (on a very specific site in the nephrons). It makes your kidneys dump out water and some salts.

Detrol LA is used for bladder dysfunction. There are two kinds of bladder dysfunction. Since you’re using detrol, I am assuming that you have a small, failure-to-store bladder (overactive bladder). Meaning, that your bladder is constantly contracting so it’s not able to store and hold urine. Detrol relaxes the bladder muscles so that it can hold more urine.

As you can see, the sites of action are quite different. And their metabolisms do not not effect each other (how the body chemically changes the drugs). However, since the lasix is making more urine- your bladder may/may not be able to hold it or its just full from it. If they are off-setting each other, that’s probably where its happening.

Here are some suggestions:
1. take your lasix in the morning and your detrol at night
2. Detrol LA is only taken once a day- maybe ask your doctor to try regular detrol which is taken twice a day. You may get a higher concentration with the regular release (note: detrol has lots of side effects so either read your pamphlet that came with your prescription or ask your pharmacist)
3. Place all your prescriptions/supplements/herbals in a bag and take it to your pharmacist. Ask him to look for CYP450 2D6 and 3A4 and cholinergic interactions (he’ll know what those mean). Those kinds of interactions will definitely off-set your Detrol.
4. Ask your doctor about possibly trying Ditropan (regular or XL) instead of Detrol

Q: How long does it take for Detrol LA to work?
My dr. started me on it today so I would not have to go to the bathroom all the time at work.
I don’t have accidents I just have to pee alot.

A: I noticed it the 1st dose. I used to have horrible overactive bladder, woke me up 5x a night!! Felt great to actually have undisturbed sleep the first time in years. However, I’m not sure if that is the case for everyone. Some cases of overactive bladder are psychogenic, so it may have just been the placebo effect. Others causes beyond that e.g. involving something inherent about innervation and/or muscles themselves, the results may take longer to notice or eventually the patient may see the doctor again for new therapies because the underlying cause may not be fully addressed.

Q: Has anyone noticed side effects on Detrol LA?
I have been taking it for 2 months now, and I seem to get jittery and rapid heartbeat on it. Has anyone else noticed this? I didn’t see anything like this listed in the common side effects. i stop taking it and it goes away but then the OAB comes right back.

A: This is a not uncommon side effect of all anticholinergic medications.

Q: About Detrol LA can it be used on a “one day” basis?
I have 4mg Detrol LA and told that I could use it on a “one day” at a time basis. For example when I felt that it might be a really stressful day or when I might be performing an important task such as a job interview. Is this true? Are there any issues that I may be creating by starting and stopping the medication?

The reasoning is that the dry mouth/constipation can become too much to bear on a daily basis. In addition my goal is to be able to provide extra protection against accidents by taking the Detrol when trying to perform stressful activities that can cause such accidents. I would not need the medicated protection when I am just sitting at home or such.

Thank you for any information you might be able to provide!

A: Man I don’t even know what that is but my fifteen years in the med field tells me this is absolutely the wrong forum for that question. See a pro before taking or changing meds.
Try the Merck Manual to research disease and American pharmaceutical doctors prescription guide for chemicals.
God Bless!

Q: once on Detrol LA do yo have to stay on it or is a fix then get off drug?
i forgot to ask my dr. and cant find any info on that anyone been on this drug? seems to be helping me after 3 weeks into it. thanks

A: Detrol works only as long as you take it. Depending on the specific nature of the incontinence there may be a surgical procedure available to you for a more permanent fix however.

Q: Does Detrol LA take time to work?
I have been taking Detrol LA for 2 weeks for overactive bladder and have no improvement. Does it take time to work?
Serious replies only.

A: There really is no definitive answer to your question. Detrol LA is mostly broken down in the liver. How you respond to treatment and your dosage depend on your degree of liver function, and some people break down these drugs more slowly.

There are other ways to help control your bladder including diet changes and exercises. Visit to read more information.

Q: question about the medication detrol la?
is anyone on detrol la for overactive bladder? i definitely have overactive bladder and i want to go to my doctor for it and see if i can get prescribed detrol la because i cant take it anymore.. is anyone taking this? i want to know if there are any bad side effects and how it worked for you.. and this may sound like a dumb question but should i go to my regular doctor or to a gynecologist for this?
also how big is the pill i am horrible at swallowing pills

A: I have never taken Detrol LA but have heard of others who have taken it but none mentioned problems with side effects that I’m aware of. One site that may help you find more information is the messageboards at

As for which doctor to start with I would say if you feel that you would be more comfortable with talking to your gyn about things like this I would recommend starting there.

Q: Does Detrol LA open up your appetite?
Since I started taking the pill I’ve been eating about 5 meals a day. I can’t stop eating ”/

For example, for lunch I normally have a sandwich which I normally don’t finish. Now I’ll have sandwich, with a bowl of cereal, and then eat again about an hour later.

It’s getting out of control. Good think is that I’m only 100 pounds so I have the space to fill.

A: I’ve been on for about a week, now that i think about it I have been eating wayyy more too.
I didn’t even think it could be because of the Detrol. I usually don’t eat after 6p.m but the past few days i’ve been eating all nite and i feel like i’m starving 2 hours after a pretty big meal.
I’ve also been super drowsy from it, I’ve napping almost everyday since I first took it.

Q: Will Detrol LA cause high liver numbers in a blood test?

A: Oxybutynin (Detrol) is metabolized in the liver and eliminated through the kidneys. Oxybutinin mechanism of action targets and blocks specific nerves which causes bladder contraction. It might also have effects including constipation, dry mouth, dizzyness (3 most common SE) etc because it also has effects on other nerves throughout the rest of the body as well.

However, there is nothing documented with sufficient evidence to suggest that Detrol LA can increase liver enzyme levels.

Q: Is Detrol La a steroid?
I just started taking Detrol La for OAB. Ever since I started my face has been breaking out horribly. The last time I broke out like this was when I was taking a small dose of steroids for a rash. Detrol LA has tolterodine in it. Is that a steroid? I can’t find anything that just comes out and says “this is a steroid.”

A: toterodine is the generic drug name for detrol. It is not a steroid of any kind. It is called a mucigenic, it competes on nerve receptors to prevent bladder spasms. Your outbreak of acne is conincidental, not caused by the detrol at all.

Q: Has anyone taken Detrol LA?
I have been given a sample of Detrol LA to start taking. I was wondering what other women felt about it

A: I’ve been on it for about a week now. It’s great! I even was confident enough to go on a road trip yesterday. Didn’t have to pee for a whole 3 hours, and for me that’s almost a miracle!!
DOWNSIDE it makes me SO drowsy. I took a 4 hour nap today, and i NEVER used to nap. but i’ve been napping everyday now

Q: is detrol LA 4MG just used to reduce urinary frequency or doe it also help with reducing urinary leakage?
or i there another medication out that that should also be taken with detrol to reduce the amount of urinary leakage??


A: As a healthcare provider, I can tell you that it is for both . If you are still having leakage you need to see a urologist…or go back to one and inform him/her the results of the Detrol. There are further tests or treatments that can be done.

Q: Detrol La HELP??????????!!!!!!?
So about two days ago i started taking detrol la for my bladder. The first day it worked fine, the urges went down a lot and i had no problem peeing. The second though was different. The second day when i knew i had a full bladder if i tried peeing i got really tense and it took too much effort to try to get myself to pee. Today i woke up this morning and oddly have no trouble and i don’t know if it’s cause the medicine wore off or if it’s because my bladder is use to it now. (i’ve been taking it as directed)

Please help me figure this out, I’m 16 and i’m a guy btw.

A: Well, it probably was the detrol that made it hard for you to pee… since it’s a drug that basically works by forcing the bladder muscles that are used in peeing to relax, so that they don’t contract (giving you the need to pee) as often. Unfortunately if the medicine works a little TOO well then something exactly like you described can happen. Since you just started taking it, you may be right that it just took your system a little time to get used to it, and once your body is used to it you may be able to start “going” more easily again. I’d say give it a week of taking it as directed and see what happens. If you feel normal by the end of the week, you’re probably fine. Of course if you ever just CAN’T pee no matter how much effort you put in, stop taking the med and get back to the doctor!

Good luck, I know bladder problems are really annoying so I hope this makes things better for you!

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