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A: Both are the same but on different brands.
Both Detrol and Detrusitol contain Tolterodine Tartrate as its active ingredient which is an antimuscarinic drug that is used to treat urinary incontinence.

Q: What’s good for an overactive bladder besides prescription DETROL?
$ 60.00 CO-PAY A MONTH PLUS THE CO-PAYS ON THE OTHER SEVEN MEDICINES I TAKE. I should just be on welfare,,that’s a better deal.

A: Overactive bladder is easily treated for most people by using behavioral techniques instead of medications. Medications only control the symptoms. They don’t solve the underlying behaviors so that whenyou stop the medications, you still have the problem (maybe worse than it was before)

Overactive bladder gets worse over time IF you don’t learn how to calm the bladder down and make it wait until you are in control and the sense of urgency has passed.

Rushing to the bathroom to prevent accidents seems like a logical solution. But at an unconscious level, the bladder is learning not to wait.

Your bladder is an “intelligent” organ that learns from your behaviors. If you consistently ignore Urge, your bladder learns to wait. On the other hand, if you respond to Urge by rushing to the bathroom your bladder learns that it is the boss and ca go whenever it wants. You are its slave.

When you rush to the bathroom in response to Urge, the bladder learns a behavior that nullifies the original toilet training you learned as a young child.

You can retrain your bladder easily using these strategies:

1. Go to the bathroom when you DON’T have Urge;
DON’T go to the bathroom when you dohave Urge.

2. Gradually extend the time between toileting. Schedule your trips to the bathroom. Stretch your bladder to normal capacity. (10 -12 ounces)

3. When Urge comes, calm it down and make it go away using Mind Over Bladder tricks:

- Relax your belly.
- Talk to your bladder. Tell it to calm down.
- Use distraction. think about something else.
- Do some gentle Kegel contractions.

Hope this helps.

Q: When will the bladder medicine DETROL go generic?
And how does a person find out when pres. meds GO GENERIC??? Is there a website or what??

A: It looks like Detrol’s patient was approved in March 1998. Like the first poster said, most drug patients last for 17 years. Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting a while for a generic. The FDA’s list of brand-name and generic medications on their website are not very user-friendly. Best thing to do is to call up your local pharmacy if you have a question about a medication being generic. In fact, in my state, I know we are required by law to give a patient the generic form if it is available unless the doctor or they request brand name. (Of course, what the insurance company pays for is a totally different matter.)

Q: What is the medication called “DETROL” ?
Is “DETROL” a generic medication and what does it do?

A: IF I am not mistaken Detrol is for bladder control

Q: looking for medications for urinary problems other than detrol.?
I have to go to the bathroom every two hours through the night. It interrupts my sleep and I’m wondering if there’s a drug other than detrol that I can take.

A: try drinking cranberry juice,and drink plenty of water…its a home remedy… also drink pure! craberry juice right before u go to sleep so its in your bladder

Q: help with getting progivil & detrol la for free when you are in the donut hole?
I have MS
Thank you,
Rita Close

A: I have found that contacting the drug company that makes those medicines directly via email can work. Usually there will be some forms in the PDF format that you can download, print-out, and have your doctor fill out and send back to the company. If you haven’t talked to your doctor about your financial situation, do so — a lot of the times they can give you free samples to tie you over during a hardship. That is why the Drug Reps give our lovely doctors those samples — so they can pass the savings on to us. As high as doctor visits are now, don’t feel bad or guilty for asking, we’re paying for them one way or another. Also, you might could find a local organization or support group for MS and they can assist you temporarily in getting the meds or at least point you in the correct direction to get help.

Good Luck …

Q: information on medicine detrol?
detrol for bladder control?

A: I have worked at a long term care pharmacy for years… so I was able to find this information on our operating system hopes this helps you.

Why is this medication prescribed?
Tolterodine is used to relieve urinary difficulties, including frequent urination and inability to control urination. Tolterodine is in a class of medications called antimuscarinics. It works by preventing bladder contraction.

How should this medicine be used?
Tolterodine comes as a tablet and an extended-release (long-acting) capsule to take by mouth. The tablet is usually taken twice a day. The extended-release capsule is usually taken once a day with liquids. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Take tolterodine exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor.

Swallow the extended-release capsules whole; do not split, chew, or crush them.

Other uses for this medicine
This medication is sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

What special precautions should I follow?
Before taking tolterodine,

tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to tolterodine or any other drugs.
tell your doctor and pharmacist what prescription and nonprescription medications you are taking, especially clarithromycin (Biaxin), erythromycin (E-mycin, Ery-Tab, others), fluconazole (Diflucan), itraconazole (Sporanox), ketoconazole (Nizoral), medications for glaucoma, and vitamins.
tell your doctor if you have or have ever had kidney or liver disease, glaucoma, or an obstructive gastrointestinal disease, such as pyloric stenosis.
tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while taking tolterodine, call your doctor.
What should I do if I forget a dose?
Take the missed dose as soon as you remember it. However, if it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and continue your regular dosing schedule. Do not take a double dose to make up for a missed one.

What side effects can this medication cause?
Tolterodine may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

dry mouth
blurred vision
upset stomach
dry eyes

If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:

difficulty urinating
chest pain

Q: has anyone had temperary blindness in one eye when on detrol la medication?

A: no but I have experienced that with a migraine. Your doctor needs to be told about this, we shouldn’t guess about the cause.

Q: Natural cures 4 bladder control. Detrol LA worked too good, then let loose on rugs & floor. Need natural cures
Tried drug for wife who had a stroke. Caused another problem. Held urine up in bladder too long. Then next day she wet all over rugs & floor going to bathroom. NO more drugs!! Not good to have Urine in bladder that long!

A: The best I’ve heard of for this is Kegel exercises. When she has do go she should sit on the pot with legs spread wide; when urine starts, stop it with legs still apart. Repeat as many times as practical. It will be difficult at first, but with practice the muscles will get stronger. Once you get a feel for it, you can do the exercise when not urinating, to build up better control.

Q: I have frequent urination getting up six times a night. Currently taking Detrol and it helps some.?
Want to know if anybody knows any other way to get it under control?

A: I had this problem for several years. It started – in retrospect – about the time BGH was being used to increase milk production in cows. Stay with me here….
I try to find environmental reasons for health issues so after some research I tried staying away from dairy for a week. It worked. Now I only buy organic BGH free milk and don’t seem to have a problem.

Often our bodies react to a wide variety of toxins by trying to expel then through urination, sweating, and so forth. Hope this helps. Good luck!

It could also be a ‘tipped’ uterus pressing on the bladder. But that isn’t as common

Q: What is the best solution to help a bladder problem?
I don’t have a UTI, yeast infection, any other infection, am not pregnant, and am not male and therefore don’t have a prostate problem. I merely have problem that seems to’ve come up over the past two months in which I have a problem controlling my bladder. I don’t have “accidents”, but I’m always scared I might and have to use the bathroom extremely often. I’ve tried antibiotics and Detrol LA and neither have helped. I also do kegals regularly to tighten the bladder muscle but they don’t seem to help either. Does anyone have any recommendations?

A: Treating bladder control problems.
Your treatment will depend on the type of bladder control problem you have. Some treatments are simple. Others are more complicated. Your health care team may suggest one of the following treatments:
Do-it-yourself treatments for bladder control problems:
Pelvic muscle exercises
You can learn simple exercises that can strengthen the muscles near the urethra. These are called pelvic muscle exercises or Kegel exercises and take only a few minutes a day.
Bladder training
You can train your bladder to hold urine better. Follow a timetable to store and release urine. You can also learn to decrease the urge to urinate.
Weight loss.
Sometimes extra weight causes bladder control problems. A good meal plan and exercise program can lead to weight loss.
Food and drink.
Some drinks and foods may make urine control harder. These include foods with caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, or chocolate) and alcohol. Your health care team can suggest how to change your diet for better bladder control.
Muscle therapy for bladder control problems:
Electrical stimulation
Certain devices stimulate the muscles around the urethra. This makes the muscles stronger and tighter.
This takes the guesswork out of pelvic muscle exercise. A therapist places a patch over the muscles. A wire connects the patch to a TV screen. You watch the screen to see if you are exercising the right muscles. The therapist will help you. Soon you learn to control these muscles without the patch or screen.
Medical treatments for bladder control problems:
Certain drugs can tighten or strengthen urethral and pelvic floor muscles. Other medicines can calm overactive bladder muscles.
Some bladder control problems can be solved by surgery.
Many different operations can improve bladder control. The operation depends on what is causing the problem. In most cases, the surgeon changes the position of the bladder and urethra. After the operation, the bladder control muscles work better.

Soon, you will be able to buy new products. These products help control leaks. They do not cure the causes of bladder control problems.

Q: is diurex water pills,adderall,prozac,and detrol la okay to take together?

A: Call your pharmacist or doctor and ask them. They are much more qualified to answer this question.

Q: Any home remedies/natural ways to prevent UTI?
I suffer from chronic UTI’s almost monthly, and will all the meds im on to prevent them (ditropan XL, detrol LA, and Bactrim) along with drinking plenty of water, not drinking soda or teas and taking cranberry supplements. What are some other natural or home remedies to try to help me out? Also has anyone ever tried clear tract or tried d-mannose? Thanks!

A: I have heard good reports about d-mannose. I know one medical doctor who has juvenile diabetes & it helps w/ protein in urine for him & has (he believes) extended his life.

Here are some herbs known to be urinary antiseptics: Angelica root, Bearberry (Uva Ursi), Celery seed, Goldenrod, Juniper, Meadowsweet (also soothing & pain relieving), Saw Palmetto, Yarrow. Try making any one of these into a tea and drinking one or more cups per day. I would lean toward Angelica root, which is a digestive, or Meadowsweet, which contains salycin (like aspirin). Saw Palmetto, Juniper & Bearberry are all somewhat harsh and only for short term use.

Years ago when I was taking birth control pills I also had frequent UTIs. Got some relief by a surgeon enlarging the opening of my bladder. The problem didn’t completely stop until I stopped taking the pill.

Q: What alternative medicine, no side effects, will help me stop urinating all the time and straining my bladder?
I am 25/m and have had this problem for close to six months now and I have been going to see the doctor and urologist since then. They just gave me antibiotic after antibiotic but nothing helped and said they couldn’t find anything. They did urine tests, semen analysis, cythiscope, and gave me medicines. They gave me leviquin, cipro, bactrum, detrol, ditropan, and many many more but nothing helped. Now I have to strain on my bladder just to urinate, have to urinate about 20-30 times a day and get up at night. No blood in urine but burning sensation. I drink only water and stay away from caffeine but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. My urologist said that I might have intestinal cystitis but he didn’t know for sure so he got me on Elmiron. I’m not taking this medicine because of it’s known side effects and he doesn’t even know what I have. Urologist said it sounds like prostatitis but now it’s something else. He said it’s not a bacteria because antibiotics would have killed it.

A: Alternative treatment for cystitis may emphasize eliminating all sugar from the diet and drinking lots of water. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice not only adds fluid, but is also thought to help prevent cystitis by making it more difficult for bacteria to cling to the bladder wall. A variety of herbal therapies are also recommended. Generally, the recommended herbs are antimicrobials, such as garlic (Allium sativum), goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), and bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), and/or demulcents that soothe and coat the urinary tract, including corn silk and marsh mallow (Althaea officinalis). Homeopathic medicine can also be effective in treating cystitis. Choosing the correct remedy based on the individual’s symptoms is always key to the success of this type of treatment. Acupuncture and Chinese traditional herbal medicine can also be helpful in treating acute and chronic cases of cystitis.

Q: Should i worry? Was it the detrol or am i pregnant?
Well, before my period was due, i got some detrol la off of my friends mom to try out because i seemed to always pee alot and my doctor didn’t seem to want to help me out. My period was due the 18th but never came, 4 days later i took 2 tests and they both appeared to be positive. Then 2 days later i woke up to find i was bleeding and it was very light but that night i started feeling really dizzy, shaky, and warm. These were all side effects to the detrol when i looked it up. So im confused on weather i could really be pregnant or im suffering bad reactions to taking the detrol which was not prescribed to me?

A: if the test said yes then you are. no meds will change a pregnancy test. i would say to take another then call the dr.

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